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Protect Your Unit Week 13 Results Thread

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The yellow car takes the lead!
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(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Shocking development this week:

USER Grand_Total Week_13
undercoverbull 3131.57 950.00
speruche 3028.45 -474.75
jrjs 1581.36 -391.25
Danj725 1464.93 -355.00
McIntyre2K7 1244.30 -305.00
HerdCountry941 1232.17 -40.45
camweed12 1059.06 0.00
anthonyvito 1012.53 8.18
GaryStephen 999.47 18.84
mmmmsnouts 938.83 0.00
briank19 914.31 -47.27
mcgies852 874.02 0.00
carlzee 838.28 0.00
Defdans 775.13 0.00
Snafu13 722.09 0.00
Gibbsak 713.16 15.27
dsidwell31 659.00 114.00
ElliotMoore 587.21 -154.55
jjlovecub 544.00 0.00
gym399 404.60 0.00
BrianMartin 315.00 0.00
LrdNorman 300.77 -135.00
andrewpina 278.69 -51.96
bullsonparade96 254.82 -246.18
E-Dogg42 237.01 -145.00
Oak1787 198.20 -116.36
Julmisteforheisman 136.98 -79.80
ULhothot 0.00 0.00

Speruche’s huge lead has evaporated, thanks to undercoverbull hitting this big score:

undercoverbull Michigan State -20.5 points over Rutgers; Minnesota -13.5 points over Northwestern; Oklahoma State -5.0 points over West Virginia (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan State 27-0; Minnesota 38-22; Oklahoma State 20-13 200.00 WIN 1200.00

He must have been drinking that special vodka again. His other parlays didn’t come in, so he only gained $950 on the week, but speruche finally had an off week (0 for 7 on parlays) and lost $474.75. It would have been worse if not for a secondary source of income: small money line plays.

speruche Arizona State +475.0 money line to beat Oregon Arizona State 31-28 5.00 WIN 23.75
speruche Colorado +475.0 money line to beat Washington Colorado 20-14 5.00 WIN 23.75
speruche Nevada +475.0 money line to beat Fresno State Nevada 35-28 5.00 WIN 23.75
speruche Florida International +1000.0 money line to beat Miami (FL) Florida International 30-24 3.00 WIN 30.00

Money lines have been much of a factor this season, but speruche gained $45.25 when several underdogs won this week, and has made a small profit on them this season. Here’s who plays money lines, and how much they’ve won or lost this season:

anthonyvito 15 190.50
jrjs 24 163.09
GaryStephen 14 38.00
camweed12 2 34.67
gym399 3 30.50
speruche 110 17.50
LrdNorman 14 -0.17
carlzee 9 -4.25
Gibbsak 20 -6.35
Defdans 11 -17.11
briank19 6 -35.37
jjlovecub 1 -38.00
Danj725 8 -50.00
Snafu13 2 -60.00
mmmmsnouts 8 -77.50
HerdCountry941 7 -113.75
Julmisteforheisman 14 -117.30
E-Dogg42 24 -121.50
ElliotMoore 13 -127.00
undercoverbull 17 -178.49
ULhothot 22 -194.08
andrewpina 6 -208.18
mcgies852 19 -268.26
McIntyre2K7 12 -318.27
BrianMartin 10 -610.00

Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to AndrewPina for sticking $100 into the Gambletron 2000 on a Sun Belt game. Louisiana blew out Troy, 53-3, and the bet paid $98.04 instead of the usual $90.91. That’s $7.13 of free fake money. You can’t beat that deal!

I plan to expand the Gambletron 2000 offerings next season from one game at a time to a maximum of three, based on how many games are available to bet at the time. I am also planning to expand parlays, in ways I won’t talk about yet.

The only winners other than undercoverbull this week were dsidwell31, who hit two parlays (114.00 net total), and three players who won less than $20 each (GaryStephen, GibbsAK, anthonyvito).

Finally, ULhothot lost his Sudden Death wager on Cincinnati -10 over Temple, and is out of the competition for this season. He gets a seat in the front row, right-hand section to watch the rest of the show, like on The Price Is Right.

Week 14 is our last full week of action! Week 15 will be the conference championship games and a handful of late-season games; Week 16 will be bowl season. So this is the last week with a full set of games.

National games of note: Wisconsin-Minnesota will decide the Big Ten West. Virginia Tech-Virginia will decide the ACC Division I Can Never Remember The Name Of (though I do remember Leaders and Legends). Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, Alabama-Auburn, and Michigan-Ohio State are rivalry matchups of Top 25 teams.

The Cincinnati-Memphis game is... unfortunate. The AAC has two Top 20 teams with a real shot at the NY6 game, and this arbitrary cross-division game means they may have to play each other twice in consecutive weeks, and knock each other out of the top Group of 5 slot. Cincy has clinched the Eastern Division, but Memphis needs this game or Navy will win the West if they beat Houston.

It’s also rivalry week. Among rivalry games that haven’t been cancelled or moved due to stupid realignment are Mississippi-Mississippi State on Thanksgiving night; Florida State-Florida; Washington-Washington State; Georgia-Georgia Tech; Louisville-Kentucky; Clemson-South Carolina; Northwestern-Illinois; Oregon-Oregon State; and Arizona-Arizona State. And of course, USF is at Central Florida.

Other AAC games are: Tulane-SMU, Tulsa-East Carolina, and Connecticut-Temple.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and enjoy the football!