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Protect Your Unit Week 10 Results Thread

Fresno State v Hawaii Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

When updating Protect Your Unit scores on Saturdays, I run a report that tells me which parlays have just become losses. Late Saturday night, before Hawaii game ended, that report was blank. I thought it was broken, but it turns out that all 11 parlays that were still alive at that point came up winners.

This was a huge week for parlay success:

Defdans Houston +22.0 points over Central Florida; Oregon -4.0 points over Southern California (WIN,WIN) Central Florida 44-29; Oregon 56-24 50.00 WIN 130.00
jrjs Arkansas State -1.5 points over Louisiana-Monroe; Florida Atlantic +3.0 points over Western Kentucky; Under 53.5 points in the Mississippi-Auburn game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Arkansas State 48-41; Florida Atlantic 35-24; Auburn 20-14 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Kansas State -5.0 points over Kansas; Over 47.0 points in the Utah-Washington game; Under 46.5 points in the Northwestern-Indiana game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Kansas State 38-10; Utah 33-28; Indiana 34-3 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Arkansas State -1.5 points over Louisiana-Monroe; Under 53.5 points in the Mississippi-Auburn game; Under 46.5 points in the Northwestern-Indiana game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Arkansas State 48-41; Auburn 20-14; Indiana 34-3 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Houston +23.5 points over Central Florida; Mississippi State -7.0 points over Arkansas; Over 47.0 points in the Utah-Washington game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Central Florida 44-29; Mississippi State 54-24; Utah 33-28 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Tennessee -11.5 points over Alabama-Birmingham; Over 46.5 points in the Cincinnati-East Carolina game; Nevada -3.5 points over New Mexico (WIN,WIN,WIN) Tennessee 30-7; Cincinnati 46-43; Nevada 21-10 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Kansas State -6.0 points over Kansas; Oklahoma State -2.0 points over Texas Christian; Tennessee -11.5 points over Alabama-Birmingham (WIN,WIN,WIN) Kansas State 38-10; Oklahoma State 34-27; Tennessee 30-7 15.00 WIN 90.00
jrjs Oklahoma State -2.0 points over Texas Christian; Over 46.5 points in the Cincinnati-East Carolina game; Nevada -3.5 points over New Mexico (WIN,WIN,WIN) Oklahoma State 34-27; Cincinnati 46-43; Nevada 21-10 15.00 WIN 90.00
McIntyre2K7 Over 43.5 points in the Georgia Southern-Appalachian State game; Navy -26.5 points over Connecticut; Over 54.0 points in the Navy-Connecticut game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Georgia Southern 24-21; Navy 56-10; Navy 56-10 100.13 WIN 600.78
Snafu13 Over 58.0 points in the Wofford-Clemson game; Over 46.5 points in the Cincinnati-East Carolina game (WIN,WIN) Clemson 59-14; Cincinnati 46-43 80.00 WIN 208.00
Snafu13 Pittsburgh -7.5 points over Georgia Tech; Southern Methodist +6.0 points over Memphis (WIN,PUSH) Pittsburgh 20-10; Memphis 54-48 50.00 WIN 50.00
speruche Texas-San Antonio +39.0 points over Texas A&M; Marshall -10.5 points over Rice; Tennessee -11.5 points over Alabama-Birmingham (WIN,WIN,WIN) Texas A&M 45-14; Marshall 20-7; Tennessee 30-7 40.00 WIN 240.00
speruche Tennessee -11.5 points over Alabama-Birmingham; UCLA -6.5 points over Colorado; Under 58.5 points in the New Mexico-Nevada game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Tennessee 30-7; UCLA 31-14; Nevada 21-10 40.00 WIN 240.00
speruche Under 61.5 points in the North Carolina State-Wake Forest game; Under 59.0 points in the Virginia Tech-Notre Dame game; Army +16.0 points over Air Force (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wake Forest 44-10; Notre Dame 21-20; Air Force 17-13 30.00 WIN 180.00
ULhothot Wake Forest -7.0 points over North Carolina State; Central Michigan +1.0 points over Northern Illinois; Colorado State -8.0 points over Nevada-Las Vegas (WIN,WIN,WIN) Wake Forest 44-10; Central Michigan 48-10; Colorado State 37-17 50.00 WIN 300.00

There could have been two more, for undercoverbull and a huge one for LrdNorman, but they were done in by the late Fresno State-Hawaii game. Hawaii scored two touchdowns in the last 2:13 to erase a 14-point deficit, but couldn’t stop Fresno from driving 55 yards for a game-winning field goal in regulation.

In an attempt to catch up with leader speruche, more and more players have been making large or multiple parlay bets. jrjs hit an impressive 7 out of 16 different parlay bets, while McIntyre2K7 and ULhothot won big amounts. But this hasn’t closed the gap, because speruche continues to hit parlays himself, and expand his lead.

I think this is the first season where the betting amounts have been a factor. If you are over $1,000, you may as much as 25% of your total each week. Speruche has been taking advantage of this and putting more money in play, so he can win more money with less successful picking. This week, he put a whopping $614 into play, and won $373.11, despite going on 3 for 11 on parlays. jrjs’ amazing 7-for-16 week yielded only $495, because he could only put $240 into play. In poker, this is called “using your stack.”

Other games to talk about:

  • Among single bets, the winningest game was... Clemson-Wofford? It’s true: CarlZee and Oak1787 were on opposite sites of the over/under, and speruche staked 100 on Wofford +47, which came in. But I’m going to give the Degenerate Bet of the Week Award to snafu13, who put Wofford in a parlay, and won $208 with it.
  • That crazy Cincinnati-East Carolina game didn’t do as much damage as you think. Lots of players had Cincinnati to cover, but even more had the Over. So this was pretty much a break-even.
  • In fact, no game won or lost more than $100 total on single bets. Usually there’s one game everybody gets right or wrong. Not this week, despite individual games getting a lot of plays:
  • In a week with no USF game, the most-played game was Florida-Georgia (20 plays), followed by Houston-Central Florida (19), three other AAC games, Miami-Florida State (11), and Army-Air Force (10). Tulane-Tulsa only got 6 plays.
  • We had some decent money line wins this week: E-Dogg42, speruche (Georgia Southern +575) and Defdans (Oregon State +190). Houston, East Carolina, and Army all seriously threatened to win, and would have been big scores for some of our players. ULhothot would have won $600 had Army and ECU both come in.


USER Grand_Total Week_10
speruche 3074.93 373.11
McIntyre2K7 1619.30 394.78
jrjs 1416.85 495.00
HerdCountry941 1148.54 51.71
camweed12 1059.06 0.00
anthonyvito 1029.01 -142.03
Danj725 1006.52 -204.55
undercoverbull 982.48 -325.00
briank19 968.23 -62.73
mmmmsnouts 938.83 0.00
GaryStephen 884.31 49.09
E-Dogg42 882.01 -204.00
mcgies852 874.02 -154.09
carlzee 838.28 15.94
Snafu13 822.09 253.45
ElliotMoore 809.49 -135.45
Gibbsak 755.02 17.35
dsidwell31 626.83 -45.45
jjlovecub 544.00 0.00
Defdans 460.25 153.36
Julmisteforheisman 436.78 -80.00
gym399 404.60 0.00
Oak1787 394.56 -97.27
ULhothot 391.74 100.00
BrianMartin 315.00 0.00
LrdNorman 301.14 -116.36
andrewpina 177.24 -250.00
BullsOnParade96 62.84 0.00

McIntyre2k7 and jrjs leap into second and third place overall, gaining a little ground on leader speruche. Also having a strong week are snafu13 (253.45), defdans (153.36) and ULhothot (100.00). HerdCountry941, GaryStephen, GibbsAK, and carlzee also made a profit.

AndrewPina (177.24) and BullsOnParade96 (62.84) end the week below $250, so they may bet all their remaining units on one game if desired. As a reminder, if someone loses their starting $1000, they may pick a single game the next week for a chance to gain an extra $500 (though the lost $1000 would still count against them). Furthermore, BullsOnParade has two Futures bets with a decent chance of paying off, which could result in him gaining additional fake money after the regular season ends.

Week 11 has the college football game of the year: LSU at Alabama. And there’s a second battle of unbeatens: Penn State-Minnesota. Other unbeatens in are in action: Ohio State hosts Maryland, Clemson goes to North Carolina State, and Baylor is at TCU. Appalachian State-South Carolina would have been interesting if Appy hadn’t lost to Georgia Southern. Iowa-Wisconsin is also a matchup of Top 25 teams.

Also, we’ve got MACtion! With the World Series over, there are games every night of the week after Monday. Get those bets in early if you want to play the Tuesday night games.

In the AAC, there are only four games this week. USF previously won the AAC East 5th-place game (over UConn), and the AAC East 4th place game (over East Carolina), so they now get a shot at 3rd place game against Temple. That is on Thursday night. The three other games are Central Florida-Tulsa (on Friday), UConn-Cincinnati, and East Carolina-Southern Methodist. Memphis, Navy, Houston, and Tulane are all off.