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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Basketball School Edition

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and we have basketball and spring sports to talk about!

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Anthony Vito / The Daily Stampede

The Bulluminati Podcast is back in the Fifth Third Bank Club in the Yuengling Center following Men’s Basketball’s thrilling victory over Memphis. Collin, Nate, Connor, and Steeg all chat about that and more. The venue crew were striking and cleaning post-game so pardon some of the background noise.

00:00: We welcome back Nathan Bond and intros.

1:02: We talk the USF Men’s Basketball victory vs Memphis. (Just a reminder at one point the Bulls were up 25-1.)

7:02: The future of Men’s Basketball, creating buzz around the city, and the remaining outlook on the season. Exciting times ahead!

12:41: Women’s Basketball can’t catch a break with all of the injuries and outlook for the future. TOEFFL acceptance changes beginning?

17:10: Is USF destined to only have one good basketball team at a time?

17:50: Football! We talk coaching staff changes, philosophy changes, Tampa pizza opinions, Steeg’s staff digging, and more! [#PlayFastScoreFaster]

24:35: Football player transfer news.

29:09: The woes of the 2016 signing class (Taggart’s last class) and how it’s affecting the present. [Not-Great-Bob.gif]

32:22: The transition from one staff to another and accountability.

34:53: Does Kerwin Bell have full reign of game management?

40:00: Athletics Round-Up with Connor! Talk Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Track & Field, Women’s Golf, Softball’s opening weekend, Men’s Golf and Baseball,

45:49: USF Baseball’s game vs the Rays in Port Charlotte on March 5th and the inter-blog struggle of the Rays staying vs. leaving.

46:38: We wish Connor a congratulations for his upcoming full-time gig with the Martinsville Mustangs and welcome Diandra Loux from Raw Charge as a new contributor focused on video production.

48:33: Interested in working for The Daily Stampede as a contributor? We’re looking to expand. Slide into the DMs or email Nate at

50:05: We also take your #AskTDS Twitter questions.

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