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Five Question Friday: The Musical Edition

Kid parties, Musicals, and key breakfast food sides.

‘Newsies’ On Broadway 2nd Anniversary Celebration Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

This weekend I have the great pleasure of taking my daughter to two birthday parties by myself while my fiancee, Samantha, is in New York, New York (“The City so nice, they named it twice”-Michael Scott.)

While in New York, she will be seeing Wicked, and going to a taping of The Tonight Show. Needless to say I’m very jealous and bit overwhelmed at the thought of caring for my daughter alone for four days.

When I told the Slack Channel what she was doing, it prompted a great conversation about parties, musicals, and much more.


Question 1: What is the best musical you’ve ever seen? (And if you’ve seen Hamilton, pick another one.) What shows do you think are overrated? Do you watch the live versions of musicals when The Networks put them on? And where do you stand on movie musicals?

Question 2: I have this belief (it could be wrong) that if I don’t see a musical with the original cast, there’s really no point in seeing it. The original cast of Hamilton made it the world-wide phenomenon, so why am I spending hundreds of dollars to see people do an impersonation of the real thing? Apparently Jeff Daniels is amazing in To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway, why would I want to see the show without him? Explain to me why I’m so wrong about this. Again, I admit I’m probably being a curmudgeon about it.

Question 3: You’ve been invited to a kid’s birthday party by one of your friends. Where do you hope the party is (park, bounce house, etc.)? Do you feel like the parents should tell you if alcohol will be there to make being surrounded by screaming children for two hours worth it? Or do you just go hoping the parents are smart enough to supply the beer (location permitting)? What was the coolest party you went to growing up?

Question 4: Hash Browns: Do you prefer them in patty form or shredded? What breakfast place (chain and hole-in-the-wall) has the best ones?

Question 5: #USFTwitter had a total meltdown in our mentions on Tuesday about Johnny Ford joining the wide receivers in the spring which prompted this tweet from me and Bryan Bejar replied to the tweet with this:

So we wanna know, who hurt you? And we’re not talking sports-related necessarily.