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Five Question Friday: The Daily Musicpede

The segment you most certainly missed is back!

Anthony Vito / The Daily Stampede

Welcome to Five Question Friday. For you loyal readers, you remember this weekly tradition as a summertime way to burn some time and learn more about your fellow community members in the process.

“But we’re not even into springtime,” you say, clutching your pearls. You would be correct, loyal reader. However our Slack channel has gotten larger over the years as we expand, and the #strongopinions are #strongerthanever!

We have a 5-Minute Rule in TDS Slack: If we talk about something for five minutes, we must write about it. So here are a few questions from the past week that we spent way more than five minutes discussing.

  1. Who’s your favorite male and female SNL cast member of all-time? Show your age if you must.
  2. After Leaving Neverland, can you still enjoy Michael Jackson? What about the Jackson 5? Can you separate the performer/actor/musician’s wrongdoings from their art or creations? Is there a line?
  3. The Eagles Greatest Hits passed Thriller as the best-selling album of all-time. Are the Eagles good or nah? If you think they’re bad, what are some other bands that have sold a bunch of albums that you think are also bad?
  4. What’s your favorite band that no one really knows about or follows? Any genre. We may or may not make a TDS Spotify playlist with the answers.
  5. In honor of International Women’s Day, what’s your favorite female-led musical group?

Answer away in the comments! #5QF