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Texas Doesn’t Want to Face USF Football in Tampa, Gives $1.9 Million for 2020 Game Instead to Cancel Final Two Games


The Texas Longhorns have backed out of a three-game deal with the South Florida Bulls today, reports indicate. Instead, the Bulls will receive a program record $1.9 million for traveling to Austin in 2020 over Labor Day weekend.

Both teams originally signed the deal in 2014 under completely different management at both schools. USF head coach Charlie Strong was the head coach at Texas at the time.

USF was supposed to host Texas in 2022, then head back to Austin in 2024 to wrap up the series.

The Bulls still have a tough 2022 slate with trips to Florida and Louisville, along with a home game versus UMass. They host Western Kentucky, NC State, and Louisville in 2024 so a road game against a Power 5 team would make sense here.

This is a developing story and we will update as we learn more.