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The USF Academic Logo: A Tale in Three Acts


Act I - The Leak

On April 30, we were told that the logo would be rolled back in the near future due to direct backlash from donors, alumni, and the general public by friend of the blog, Senator Giggity.

On Friday, our very own emeritus Collin Sherwin justified that tweet and gave us more interesting information that it would happen sooner than we thought.

Act II - The Memes

Brilliant use of “Friday at 4:45ing” the information! This affirmation was met with happiness, glee, triumph, and MEMES!

No other news outlets jumped on it. ABC Action News recorded a quick segment on the Saturday night news citing “the USF Bulls Blog the Daily Stampede” with the information.

Some folks were skeptical however.

Act III - The Affirmation

Then on Monday, it was confirmed. USF sent faculty, staff, students, and alumni an email announcing the official change to the iconic U, penned by Joe Hice himself, and word spread quickly.

Then the floodgates opened. Every news outlet you can think of poured out articles about the logo change. The Tampa Bay Times, FOX 13, Creative Loafing, ABC Action News, 10 News, bizjournals.

(They either didn’t or couldn’t credit Collin or TDS, but you know what, it doesn’t matter, we don’t hold grudges or anything.)

P.S. Thanks Joey!

The reactions from the public of the reversal have been more than positive, they’ve been overwhelming. It’s funny how the public reacts when you include them, and not try to force something new that nobody wants.

USF unveiled their United campaign, to usher in a new era as a preeminent research university. The problem is, nobody was asked what the new era should be. Donors, alumni, faculty, staff, students weren’t a part of this discussion; at least not entirely or publicly. The irony is, this new logo created more division than ever. Uniting under the iconic U brings academics and athletics together, actually creating a sense of unity.

On the downside, there’s a significant sunk cost and a stain on public relations for USF. It absolutely is the right call to rip off the bandage and make the right decision; but a million-dollar mistake stings.

We wouldn’t be bulls if we didn’t take risks. Even if we are wrong and have to turn back, we grow and we learn.

We’ve learned, all right.