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The Bulluminati Podcast Live from AAC Media Days: Charlie Strong

Head Coach Charlie Strong joins the pod in Newport.

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South Florida v Cincinnati

Head Coach Charlie Strong sits down with Nathan Bond and Andrew Pina at AAC Media Days.

  • 0:00: How many lobsters did you eat? How has Media Days been this go around?
  • 0:26: What’s your relationship with new Offensive Coordinator Kerwin Bell and what do you expect from the new offense?
  • 1:57: Do you feel the locker room is in a much better place than it was at the bowl game?
  • 5:47: What’s the QB situation like behind Blake Barnett? How is Nico Sawtelle’s health?
  • 8:17: How much of an immediate impact do you expect from the defensive transfers?
  • 10:17: What’s the status of Terrance Horne’s ACL injury?
  • 11:06: How important is to have your leaders healthy going into the 2019 season?
  • 12:57: With Geoff Collins at Georgia Tech, how do you prepare for a team going through a full offensive philosophical change?
  • 13:59: What was the end of the season conversation like with Michael Kelly?

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