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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Kerwin Bell Edition

Offensive Coordinator Kerwin Bell joins the pod for the first time for a can’t miss interview.

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Nathan Bond / The Daily Stampede

“There’s no fear of failure.”

USF Football offensive coordinator Kerwin Bell joins Nathan Bond and Collin Sherwin in a special interview on The Bulluminati Podcast just ahead of fall camp. Coach Bell answered all questions and was a heckuva interview; you definitely do not want to miss this one.

  • 0:00: Intros! What’s it like working with Head Coach Charlie Strong and how is team morale been since you’ve come on to the program?
  • 3:20: Did you accomplish everything you wanted to during spring practice installing the system?
  • 4:32: What’s the tempo look like?
  • 5:43: What players on offense do you see as the most versatile to this offense?
  • 9:29: What do you want to fix to alleviate the redzone problems from last season?
  • 12:05: Have you noticed a speed difference from the D-II level on Valdosta St. to D-I at USF?
  • 13:52: Kade called the plays at Valdosta St., how important was it to bring him to USF?
  • 16:34: What is the one area of improvement do you want to see in fall camp?
  • 19:43: What did you see when you looked at film from last season?
  • 22:14: Jordan McCloud is the only returning back-up QB; what does the QB room look like with true freshman Jacquez Evans and three walk-ons?
  • 24:56: Best old-ball coach story and professional football stories.
  • 30:31: How weird is it being an OC after 16 years of being a HC?
  • 32:03: So about this USF to Valdosta St. pipeline.
  • 34:01: What was it like backing up Jim Harbaugh?
  • 37:01: Do you have a good enough sense of humor to run a #HBDive first play of the season?

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