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The Bulluminati Podcast: The #OnWisconsin Edition

KJ Sails is eligible! We have football on Friday! Bring on the Badgers!

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NCAA Football: Connecticut at South Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

It feels so good to be baaaaaaaack. The Bulluminati Podcast is live from The Patio in downtown Tampa for our first 2019 football season podcast!

Nathan Bond, Collin Sherwin, and Robert Steeg welcome our newest writer Seth Varnadore to the pod as we talk about the upcoming opener vs. Wisconsin.

  • 0:00: Intros! And we welcome our newest sponsor Matrix Hormones from friend of the blog, Eddie Leonard!
  • 9:36: On the flippety-flop, MLB Nico Sawtelle is out indefinitely; how does that affect this game and season?
  • 11:30: Let’s talk about the USF defense vs. the Wisconsin offense.
  • 23:00: Let’s talk about that shiny new USF offense!
  • 42:32: What’s the one stat that leads to a USF victory?
  • 46:12: We take some #AskTDS questions from the audience!
  • 55:31: Wisconsin predictions and athletics round-up!

See you at Ray Jay!

((Tropical Storm // Hurricane Dorian is currently slated to hit Florida and cross the state, so be sure to be prepared and stay safe!))

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