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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Shake-up Edition

We know the offensive line will be different. Is the McCloud Era upon us?

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NCAA Football: South Florida at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the latest episode of The Bulluminati Podcast sponsored by Matrix Hormones (813-333-2226.) Nathan, Collin, and Seth talk via Skype about the Georgia Tech loss and the possible shakeup on the offensive line and at QB1. The streak is at eight.

  • 0:00: We talk to the Georgia Tech loss. Defense: Good! Offense: Needs Improvement.
  • 12:33: XP or 2PC on the first TD? Nate and Collin DEBATE!
  • 19:08: OC Kerwin Bell announced some offensive line changes.
  • 25:53: There’s a controversy a-brewin.’ Who’s QB1?
  • 33:47: Patrick Macon and the transfers are players. How bout the defense?
  • 38:24: Let’s look towards SC State.
  • 43:15: Fall Sports round-up and wrap-up.

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