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Protect Your Unit Week 3 Results Thread

We had some big scores this week.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Virginia
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(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Sometimes, the weekly story line is obvious:

bullsonparade96 Under 57.5 points in the North Texas-California game; Under 45.5 points in the Arizona State-Michigan State game; Under 54.5 points in the Nevada-Las Vegas-Northwestern game (WIN,WIN,WIN) California 23-17; Arizona State 10-7; Northwestern 30-14 225.00 WIN 1350.00
Danj725 Clemson -27.5 points over Syracuse; Cincinnati -17.5 points over Miami (OH); Georgia -32.5 points over Arkansas State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Clemson 41-6; Cincinnati 35-13; Georgia 55-0 100.00 WIN 600.00
speruche Central Florida -7.5 points over Stanford; Florida State +7.5 points over Virginia; Under 73.0 points in the Texas Tech-Arizona game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Central Florida 45-27; Virginia 31-24; Arizona 28-14 50.00 WIN 300.00
mcgies852 Houston +8.5 points over Washington State; Ohio State -14.5 points over Indiana; Florida State +7.5 points over Virginia (WIN,WIN,WIN) Washington State 31-24; Ohio State 51-10; Virginia 31-24 50.00 WIN 300.00

That $1,350 haul is tied for sixth all-time in the modern history of PYU. The record won on one bet is $2,100, shared by BullMartin (now BrianMartin) and LrdNorman in 2016. Those two had an epic parlay war that season. BullsOnParade also had a $1,590 win that season, giving him possession of fifth and sixth biggest all-time. Danj725’s $600 result is tied for ninth best all-time.

E-Dogg42 ($180) and Undercoverbull ($52) also had parlay wins. The latter was for two under bets on Big Sky-Pac-10 games, so Undercoverbull wins Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week. If you’d have included Weber State-Nevada (which also went under), I’d be even more impressed.

Needless to say, our top three winners this week are BullsOnParade96 ($1,334.55 net total), Danj725 (549.02), and mcgies952 (340.91). They get the gold, silver, and bronze weekly accomplishments respectively, and the gem accomplishment for exceeding $227 won in a week. Speruche gets the green weekly award for winning more than $100. jrjs, anthonyvito, HerdCountry941, LrdNorman, GaryStephen (me), and ElliotMoore all win the black weekly award for finishing the week with a profit. I’m currently adding all the current and past awards to the Dashboard page.

On the flip side, we have what I’m sure is the most brutal beat in the history of PYU:

McIntyre2K7 Under 53.0 points in the Kansas-Boston College game; Under 55.0 points in the East Carolina-Navy game; Over 49.5 points in the South Carolina State-South Florida game (LOSS,WIN,WIN) Kansas 48-24; Navy 42-10; South Florida 55-16 130.01 LOSS -130.01
McIntyre2K7 Under 65.0 points in the North Carolina-Wake Forest game; Under 53.0 points in the Kansas-Boston College game (WIN,LOSS) Wake Forest 24-18; Kansas 48-24 89.99 LOSS -89.99
McIntyre2K7 Under 55.0 points in the East Carolina-Navy game; Under 58.0 points in the Arkansas State-Georgia game; Under 53.0 points in the Kansas-Boston College game (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Navy 42-10; Georgia 55-0; Kansas 48-24 30.00 LOSS -30.00

I hate to keep picking on McIntyre2K7, but man, that is painful. That’s $250 of parlays, all of which would have won for a total of $1,500 fake dollars. 48 consecutive road losses to Power 5 teams, a 12-7 home loss to Coastal Carolina last week, and Kansas picked this game to come back from the dead and wreck an under play. Even Rudyard Kipling would say “wow, that was harsh.”

But every silver lining has a dark cloud which in turn has a silver lining. LrdNorman hit on Kansas at +1000 to win outright for $150 fake dollars. That’s tied for the fifth biggest underdog money line win all-time. The record is +2300, which was Kentucky over Louisville in 2016. ULhothot, who loves to make small bets on longshots, holds that record, and most of the records in this category. Speruche also hit a small bet on Arizona State at +495.

LrdNorman wins Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week for betting 3.17 on Stanford - the score of UCF’s previous loss to the Cardinal. We love meaningful bet amounts in this contest, especially when they’re at UCF’s expense. I see carlzee put 6.66, the bet of Satan, on the Iowa-Iowa State game. I wasn’t sure if that was meaningful or just all he had left, because Northwestern fans don’t especially hate Iowa that I know of. (I think only Minnesota hates Iowa.) There were some other odd bet amounts I wondered about. If you have a meaningful bet amount, point it out in the conversation, on Twitter, or drop me a line. I don’t always pick up the joke. Having said that.... defdans, $63.11 on UCF to lose? That’s oddly close to the score a UCF game I’m familiar with.

Other notes from this week:

  • Among single bets, Temple-Maryland was a big loser; 9 plays lost $386.82. Only HerdCountry941 got it right. We also got Houston-Washington State wrong, losing $231.02 on 8 plays. The money line was a popular play, and Houston almost paid it off.
  • Stanford-UCF was our most played game of the week. There were 19 bets, including parlays. It’s rare in a week USF also has a game. We also did better on that game, winning $82.82 as a group versus losing $123.64. This has been a weird decade and I’ll be glad when it’s over.
  • Opinions were split on USF-South Carolina State. Overs, unders, and both teams against the spread were all played. The over and the USF cover also ruined parlays for E-Dogg42 and LrdNorman, respectively.
  • snafu13, who played every season going back to 2013, rejoined the contest by making some bets this week. Welcome back.
  • Undercoverbull lost $10 fake dollars when FIU covered against New Hampshire. This was the deciding touchdown:

Let’s look at the standings after week 3:

BullsOnParade96 1784.10 1334.55
speruche 1368.36 209.27
LrdNorman 1286.39 27.30
E-Dogg42 1265.68 -45.16
Danj725 1261.75 549.02
ElliotMoore 1105.45 8.18
mcgies852 1100.91 340.91
mmmmsnouts 1095.87 -7.31
jrjs 1065.90 46.51
camweed12 1025.25 -48.71
anthonyvito 1009.41 43.50
HerdCountry941 983.19 39.55
GaryStephen 939.98 10.00
briank19 931.09 -40.90
Gibbsak 919.04 -37.27
carlzee 910.95 -25.76
Snafu13 905.45 -94.55
Oak1787 898.91 -29.55
jjlovecub 860.00 0.00
gym399 830.95 -144.55
dsidwell31 810.46 -75.00
undercoverbull 786.05 -23.91
Julmisteforheisman 749.09 -61.82
andrewpina 727.27 -250.00
Defdans 699.89 -53.11
ULhothot 597.19 -192.73
McIntyre2K7 423.98 -250.00
BrianMartin 315.00 -225.00

We’re getting to the point where some players can bet a lot more than others. The weekly requirements are 5% to 25% of your bankroll; for our leader BullsOnParade96, that is $89.20 to $446.02. This makes it easier to both extend and lose an early lead, and we’ve seen both happen in this contest.

On to week 4! We finally have some big national games, led by Notre Dame at Georgia. It’s nice that some SEC schools challenge themselves out of conference. Other games between Top 25 teams include Michigan-Wisconsin and Auburn-Texas A&M. Utah-USC, Oklahoma State-Texas, Washington-BYU, and Air Force-Boise State could be challenges for the ranked team.

In the AAC, there are only seven games to choose from, as USF, Memphis, Cincinnati, and Navy are all off. The biggest game looks like SMU-TCU. The Mustangs are 3-0, scoring a lot of points, and haven’t beaten their hated local rivals since 2011. Houston plays Tulane in an early conference game on Thursday. UCF (Pittsburgh), and UConn (Indiana) play Power 5 opponents. Temple is at Buffalo, Tulsa hosts Wyoming, and East Carolina plays FCS William & Mary.