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USF Football: Bye Week Mailbag

I prefer bye week, instead of open date.

South Carolina State v South Florida Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It’s the bye week, so with no game to prep for I decided to ask the fans for questions they’d like answered about football, and everything else in the USF universe.

This totally seems like a job for Joey Knight.

I get where you’re coming from, but the Florida heat is such a factor in games against opponents that completely taking that out of the picture doesn’t seem like a great idea. NDSU has to deal with horrific weather nearly all year, especially during football season so a dome for them was the right call. Just a regular, old indoor practice facility and Football Center will do just fine here. I’m not greedy.

This is tough. After a 20-12 season in 2018 and a return to the postseason in the National Invitational Volleyball Championships, the Bulls headed into 2019 with slightly higher expectations. Unfortunately, so far this year has much of the same that’s plagued volleyball for much of this century. The Bulls blew a 2-0 lead against Georgia Tech in the NIVC and did something similar against Long Beach State University in the Gator Invitational last weekend.

It would make sense that volleyball is the next team to be closely evaluated by Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly.

The Bulls are 4-6 this year and still have conference play and the newly formed conference tournament to turn things around this year.

Short answer: absolutely not.

Longer answer: The coaching staff knew the offensive line was going to be a struggle this year. They didn’t anticipate it being this bad. By all accounts, Blake Barnett was going to be the guy this year, he just started seeing ghosts behind that line and once that started to happen, it was time to make the switch. Jordan McCloud’s athleticism gives the offense a chance for success even when the offensive line gets beat.

I think the offensive line play has hurt Jordan Cronkrite’s draft stock this year. He’s had some great pass protection moments this year already (see: McCloud to Ford TD at Georgia Tech), he’s had to bounce things outside more and more often this year and running East-West isn’t his game. You want Cronk running downhill at you making being shifty enough to make guys miss in the middle of the field.

As for Wilcox, he just set the program record for touchdown catches by a tight end, and has six catches for 101 yards and two scores so far this year. A tight end is a new quarterback’s best friend. Expect to see him get more and more involved this year.