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Protect Your Unit Week 4 Results Thread

We suck at picking AAC games, you guys.

The logo of the conference we’re really bad at picking.
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Nobody saw this coming:

Only danj725 and jjlovecub took Pitt to win against the spread; no one took them to win outright. Camweed12 and McIntyre2k7 hit the over.

So far this season, single bets on AAC games have lost a total of $1,259.86. Single bets on non-AAC games have won $412.06. Collectively, our six biggest losing games this season were all AAC games; this week’s Houston-Tulane and Central Florida-Pittsburgh are in that list. This week’s AAC games also ruined eleven, count ‘em, ELEVEN parlays that would have otherwise won:

anthonyvito Tulane -4.5 points over Houston; Under 58.0 points in the Houston-Tulane game (WIN,LOSS) Tulane 38-31; Tulane 38-31 25.00 LOSS -25.00
bullsonparade96 Over 50.5 points in the Washington-Brigham Young game; Over 56.0 points in the Miami (OH)-Ohio State game; Central Florida -11.0 points over Pittsburgh (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Washington 45-19; Ohio State 76-5; Pittsburgh 35-34 150.00 LOSS -150.00
bullsonparade96 Houston +4.5 points over Tulane; Boise State -8.5 points over Air Force (LOSS,WIN) Tulane 38-31; Boise State 30-19 50.00 LOSS -50.00
Danj725 Alabama -38.0 points over Southern Mississippi; Indiana -26.5 points over Connecticut; Houston +5.5 points over Tulane (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Alabama 49-7; Indiana 38-3; Tulane 38-31 150.00 LOSS -150.00
dsidwell31 Over 36.5 points in the Michigan State-Northwestern game; Morgan State +49.0 points over Army; Central Florida -11.0 points over Pittsburgh (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Michigan State 31-10; Army 52-21; Pittsburgh 35-34 25.00 LOSS -25.00
E-dogg42 Old Dominion +29.5 points over Virginia; Central Michigan +30.0 points over Miami (FL); Connecticut +28.0 points over Indiana (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Virginia 28-17; Miami (FL) 17-12; Indiana 38-3 25.00 LOSS -25.00
Gibbsak Tulane -4.5 points over Houston; Under 58.0 points in the Connecticut-Indiana game; Temple -13.5 points over Buffalo (WIN,WIN,LOSS) Tulane 38-31; Indiana 38-3; Buffalo 38-22 50.00 LOSS -50.00
HerdCountry941 Southern Methodist +8.5 points over Texas Christian; Temple -14.0 points over Buffalo; Washington -6.5 points over Brigham Young (WIN,LOSS,WIN) Southern Methodist 41-38; Buffalo 38-22; Washington 45-19 25.00 LOSS -25.00
jrjs Under 54.0 points in the Temple-Buffalo game; Washington -5.5 points over Brigham Young (LOSS,WIN) Buffalo 38-22; Washington 45-19 10.00 LOSS -10.00
Julmisteforheisman Wisconsin -3.0 points over Michigan; Central Florida -11.0 points over Pittsburgh; West Virginia -4.0 points over Kansas (WIN,LOSS,WIN) Wisconsin 35-14; Pittsburgh 35-34; West Virginia 29-24 50.00 LOSS -50.00
Lrdnorman Connecticut +27.5 points over Indiana; Louisiana State -23.5 points over Vanderbilt; Alabama -38.0 points over Southern Mississippi (LOSS,WIN,WIN) Indiana 38-3; Louisiana State 66-38; Alabama 49-7 50.00 LOSS -50.00

And it’s not just the unexpected UCF and Houston results; Temple and UConn are in there too. Temple followed up a great win over Maryland with a 16-point pantsing by Buffalo; UConn couldn’t stay within four touchdowns of Indiana.

So.... go Mustangs?

Other games of note:

  • For the second straight week, the FIU point spread turned on a cheap, late special teams touchdown. This time it was Louisiana Tech returning FIU’s last-ditch on-side kick attempt:

That changed the final score from 36-31 to 43-31, and the point spread was +9.5. This affected four parlays, including one by speruche that became a $180 winner as a result. So when you look at his total, keep in mind that $210 of it ($180 won instead of $30 lost) is directly attributable to this garbage-time play. Such is the nature of sports gambling.

  • Are you tired of cheap, late special teams touchdowns? Okay, here’s a very expensive one:

Nobody bet this game - not even me, the resident Eastern Michigan honk - but that’s a brutal way to lose a huge road upset. By the way, Central Connecticut State was ahead by a point because they went for two on their first touchdown of the game.

  • ULhothot had UCLA at +800 to win outright, and collected $200 on the Bruins’ shocking upset of Washington State. Having said that, is it ever really shocking when Washington State loses?

Other money line scores include Danj725 (Appalachian State at +135 over North Carolina); jrjs (Auburn +160 over Texas A&M, and USC +165 over Utah); and speruche (SMU +285 over TCU). Two players also had Old Dominion at +3000, which took a lead over Virginia into the fourth quarter. Central Michigan was at +4000 vs. Miami, and was in it late.

  • We had our first push bets of the season. Several, actually: West Virginia -5 over Kansas (was 29-24), Clemson -42 over Charlotte (won 52-10), and East Carolina -12 over William & Mary (won 19-7).
  • On Friday, I said I liked Arkansas’ Chad Morris at +6000 to be the first head coach fired. After losing at home to San Jose State, I really like it.
  • Really, four of you played Central Arkansas-Hawaii? Only ten games got more action than that. And, all four of you got it right (Hawaii to cover -14). I hereby award the Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week to briank19, BullsOnParade96, dsidwell31, and undercoverbull.

Let’s review the standings:

speruche 279.25 1647.61
BullsOnParade96 -445.00 1339.09
Danj725 -27.95 1233.80
LrdNorman -92.27 1194.12
mmmmsnouts 65.91 1161.79
ElliotMoore -3.15 1102.31
camweed12 33.81 1059.06
HerdCountry941 36.36 1019.54
anthonyvito -9.09 1000.32
jrjs -66.05 999.85
E-Dogg42 -268.69 996.98
GaryStephen 41.36 981.35
briank19 17.73 948.82
carlzee 23.67 934.61
mcgies852 -200.00 900.91
Snafu13 -9.09 896.36
andrewpina 131.82 859.09
gym399 20.00 850.96
Gibbsak -100.00 819.04
undercoverbull -3.03 783.02
jjlovecub -122.00 738.00
Oak1787 -164.09 734.82
dsidwell31 -104.55 705.91
ULhothot 108.64 705.84
Defdans -26.36 673.53
Julmisteforheisman -80.20 668.89
McIntyre2K7 -70.00 353.98
BrianMartin 0.00 315.00

First-year player speruche moves into the lead on the power of two parlay hits, and BullsOnParade96 losing all $445 he played this week. Danj725 moves into third place. But there’s still a lot of season left.

Medal winners this week are: speruche (1st, $227 award), AndrewPina (2nd, >$100 award), ULhothot (3rd). Also finishing in the black were mmmmsnouts, camweed12, HerdCountry941, GaryStephen, gym399, Briank19, and carlzee.

Looking ahead to next week: conference play is about to start, but there are no major national clashes this week. Virginia-Notre Dame may be the biggest matchup, unless you’re hoping Ole Miss will inexplicably give Alabama trouble again.

Week 5 offers three conference games in the AAC: SMU-USF, Navy-Memphis, and UConn-Central Florida. The most interesting game is probably Georgia Tech-Temple, where GT coach Geoff Collins takes on his former team. That’s the only P5 opponent; other games are Cincinnati-Marshall, Houston-North Texas, and East Carolina-Old Dominion. Tulsa and Tulane are off.