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Protect Your Unit Week 5 Results Thread

Fear the backdoor cover.

NCAA Football: California at Mississippi
This backup quarterback (Grant Tisdale, left) may have cost you money.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

This week’s theme was the dreaded backdoor cover. Mississippi, Connecticut, and San Jose State all scored meaningless late touchdowns to cover the point spread. This affected eight different bets, and gave leader speruche a $130 parlay win.

Which ties into the other theme of this week: parlay wins with ties in them. We had three of those:

speruche Memphis -12.0 points over Navy; Notre Dame -11.0 points over Virginia; Connecticut +41.0 points over Central Florida (PUSH,WIN,WIN) Memphis 35-23; Notre Dame 35-20; Central Florida 56-21 50.00 WIN 130.00
Oak1787 Under 71.0 points in the Texas Tech-Oklahoma game; Under 69.5 points in the Wake Forest-Boston College game; Under 74.0 points in the New Mexico-Liberty game (PUSH,WIN,WIN) Oklahoma 55-16; Wake Forest 27-24; Liberty 17-10 20.00 WIN 52.00
jrjs Liberty -7.0 points over New Mexico; Florida Atlantic +1.5 points over Charlotte (PUSH,WIN) Liberty 17-10; Florida Atlantic 45-27 10.00 WIN 10.00

By rule, when a parlay contains only wins and pushes, the pushes are removed and the parlays pays 1 to 1 for one winning bet and 2.6 to 1 for two winning bets. So you still win, but not the payout you were going for. But there was plenty of other parlay wins out there:

McIntyre2K7 Over 64.0 points in the Connecticut-Central Florida game; Over 58.0 points in the Houston-North Texas game (WIN,WIN) Central Florida 56-21; Houston 46-25 150.00 WIN 390.00
speruche Under 69.0 points in the UCLA-Arizona game; Under 72.5 points in the Colorado State-Utah State game; Under 72.5 points in the Texas Tech-Oklahoma game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Arizona 20-17; Utah State 34-24; Oklahoma 55-16 50.00 WIN 300.00
mcgies852 Houston -2.5 points over North Texas; East Carolina +2.5 points over Old Dominion; Cincinnati -2.5 points over Marshall (WIN,WIN,WIN) Houston 46-25; East Carolina 24-21; Cincinnati 52-14 50.00 WIN 300.00
ULhothot Duke +3.0 points over Virginia Tech; North Carolina +27.0 points over Clemson (WIN,WIN) Duke 45-10; Clemson 21-20 100.00 WIN 260.00
HerdCountry941 Over 43.5 points in the Indiana-Michigan State game; Over 47.0 points in the Virginia-Notre Dame game; Over 61.0 points in the Southern Methodist-South Florida game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan State 40-31; Notre Dame 35-20; Southern Methodist 48-21 30.00 WIN 180.00
E-dogg42 Texas-El Paso +26.5 points over Southern Mississippi; Oklahoma State -4.5 points over Kansas State (WIN,WIN) Southern Mississippi 31-13; Oklahoma State 26-13 12.00 WIN 31.20
E-dogg42 Arkansas +23.5 points over Texas A&M; Delaware +28.0 points over Pittsburgh (WIN,WIN) Texas A&M 31-27; Pittsburgh 17-14 10.00 WIN 26.00

Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to everyone who bet on Hawaii. In last week’s comments thread, in response to undercoverbull, I said you should never bet Hawaii away from home. Undercoverbull did exactly this, and Hawaii won 52-3 at Nevada. This illustrates a very important principle of PYU: never take my betting advice.

Oh, and we have a winner in the First Coach Fired contest! It’s Chris Ash from Rutgers. Would have paid +1500 if you called it before the season started. And their first choice to replace him is... Greg Schiano. Considering how other schools reacted to the suggestion of having him as head coach, my guess is that he’ll be available. I definitely want to add this prop bet to the pre-season Futures bets next year.


speruche 1904.33 256.72
mcgies852 1241.82 340.91
HerdCountry941 1181.37 161.82
mmmmsnouts 1179.97 18.18
ElliotMoore 1121.45 19.15
anthonyvito 1118.47 118.15
camweed12 1059.06 0.00
jrjs 1042.58 42.73
BullsOnParade96 1038.64 -300.45
Danj725 1029.24 -204.55
E-Dogg42 983.44 -13.54
GaryStephen 956.35 -25.00
briank19 946.60 -2.21
LrdNorman 943.32 -250.80
ULhothot 920.83 215.00
andrewpina 895.45 36.36
Snafu13 894.54 -1.82
carlzee 838.25 -96.36
Gibbsak 819.04 0.00
jjlovecub 738.00 0.00
gym399 696.41 -154.55
dsidwell31 683.18 -22.73
Oak1787 671.37 -63.45
McIntyre2K7 643.98 290.00
Julmisteforheisman 634.70 -34.20
undercoverbull 604.75 -178.27
Defdans 498.53 -175.00
BrianMartin 315.00 0.00

Top three winners this week were mcgies852 (gold), McIntyre2k7 (silver), and speruche (bronze). Those three also get the gem accomplishment for exceeding $227 in winnings. ulhothot, anthonyvito, and HerdCountry941 get the green accomplishment for exceeding $100 in winnings. jrjs, andrewpina, mmmmsnouts, and ElliotMoore all finished the week with a profit.

On to week 6: The AAC East plays what may be its first-, third-, and fifth-place games this weekend: Central Florida at Cincinnati, Temple at East Carolina, and USF at UConn. That last one looks ugly enough already, but now game time has been moved due to an infestation of equine encephalitis. As if USF hasn’t been ravaged by mustangs enough.

The only AAC West game is Tulsa at SMU. In non-conference games, Tulane is at Army, Air Force at Navy, and Memphis at Louisiana-Monroe. Houston is off.

The national games are feast or famine: we’ve got Auburn-Florida, Michigan State-Ohio State, Iowa-Michigan, and California-Oregon. Beyond that, few national contenders face a challenge, and Clemson and Alabama are both off. Utah State-LSU could be interesting; the Aggies may be a little too good to wear the bad luck purples against.