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Bullumunati Bonus: Live from ATL! The TDS Party Edition

Poooooooooooooooddddddd Paaaaaaaarttttyyyyyyy!

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Collin and Steeg join several friends of the blog, including Ryan T. Smith, and have a little fun at Der Biergarten for the TDS Atlanta Party after the Alumni Association’s party and it’s a blast! Come for the analysis and stay for the fun stories! Sponsored by Matrix Hormones (813-333-2226)!

  • 0:00: Collin! Steeg! Pickel! And a bunch of friends of the blog! Let’s talk about how the USMNT is USF Football and how much fun Atlanta is.
  • 5:25: Eric the PA announcer for USF Volleyball chimes in talking about the GT vs. IUPUI volleyball game they attended tonight.
  • 7:32: USF Fan of the Year Lauren Pickel joins the pod! She talks travel to Atlanta, the game vs. GT, and plugs which is a fun way to donate to the USF Football Center!
  • 13:18: Benny, Matt, and Adam join the pod! USF fans in Atlanta and old friends with Collin share stories and talk about student and alumni fan engagement.
  • 24:57: The man, the myth, the legend, local Atlanta-man, THE Ryan T. Smith returns to the pod! He was the only one that didn’t dive into the kool-aid, and his projections consistently remind us why he’s smarter than us. He talks micro and macro outlook for USF Football.
  • 41:37: Jason Brodie joins the pod! He talks gamblin’ with Collin.
  • 47:25: Brandon joins the pod and talks about tailgates, or lack thereof, and more!
  • 49:54: Fozzy joins the pod! And he’s got some things to say.
  • 51:37: Thank you to our sponsor, Matrix Hormones (813-333-2226)! We do a special ad-read today!

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