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Protect Your Unit Week 2 Results Thread

NCAA Football: Tennessee State at Vanderbilt
Briank19’s winnings on Alabama weren’t enough to do this coin toss.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

LrdNorman’s was our big winner this week:

Army +22.5 points over Michigan; South Florida +6.5 points over Georgia Tech; Texas A&M +16.5 points over Clemson (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan 24-21; Georgia Tech 14-10; Clemson 24-10 75.00 WIN 450.00
Louisiana State -6.5 points over Texas; Tulane +17.5 points over Auburn; California +13.5 points over Washington (WIN,LOSS,WIN) Louisiana State 45-38; Auburn 24-6; California 20-19 75.00 LOSS -75.00

Wow. He was half a point from two $450 parlay wins. Combined with a small loss on the USF-Georgia Tech game, that might have among the biggest one-week hauls in PYU history. As it is, $370.45 in fake money is an excellent score early in the season. The only other gainers this week were speruche (170.00), camweed12 (77.69), E-Dogg42 (61.64), and ElliotMoore (29.09). Ten of you lost $41 or less, though.

Standings after Week 2:

USER Grand_Total WEEK_2
E-Dogg42 1310.84 61.64
LrdNorman 1259.09 370.45
speruche 1159.09 170.00
mmmmsnouts 1103.18 -3.64
ElliotMoore 1097.27 29.09
camweed12 1073.96 77.69
jrjs 1019.39 -62.27
andrewpina 977.27 -154.55
gym399 975.50 -10.91
briank19 971.99 -11.19
anthonyvito 965.91 -9.09
Gibbsak 956.31 -15.87
HerdCountry941 943.64 -40.45
carlzee 936.71 -27.27
GaryStephen 929.98 -59.64
Oak1787 928.46 -85.00
dsidwell31 885.46 -104.55
jjlovecub 860.00 -41.00
Julmisteforheisman 810.91 -27.27
undercoverbull 809.96 -112.56
ULhothot 789.92 -2.08
mcgies852 760.00 -85.45
Defdans 753.00 -107.73
Danj725 712.73 -87.27
McIntyre2K7 673.98 -226.02
BrianMartin 540.00 -250.00
BullsOnParade96 449.55 -200.45

Several other plays caught my attention this week:

briank19 Alabama -750000.0 money line to beat New Mexico State 1.00 WIN 0.000133

With that winning play, briank19 won 1/75 of a cent. Which is actually not actually the smallest win in PYU history: in 2013, zls44 won 1/90th of a cent on Alabama at -899999 to beat Georgia State in 2013. (Okay, it was 1/89.99th of a cent. I rounded a little.)

BrianMartin South Florida +220.0 money line to beat Georgia Tech Georgia Tech 14-10 200.00 LOSS -200.00

Ouch. USF coming back as an underdog against a rebuilding Georgia Tech team was a popular play, but that’s a lot of chips to lose this early in the season.

ULhothot Purdue -240.0 money line to beat Vanderbilt Purdue 42-24 175.00 WIN 72.92

Our resident Louisville fan makes a big bet on Purdue to bounce back from a loss to Nevada, and it pays off with a solid win. I’m not sure if this was really insightful, or a homer play on Jeff Brohm. It wins all the same.

These three of those players will all share the Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week Award. Suitable for framing!

And of course, as soon as I said we wouldn’t hand out the Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet Award, mmmmsnouts asked me if I would add a McNeese State line just so he could bet against them. Now, the house doesn’t take requests, but we do run an early Saturday morning update to collect lines for any missing FCS-vs-FBS games. (FCS games often don’t have lines until very late in the week.) McNeese came in at +39.5 to Oklahoma State, and mmmmsnouts won 91 fake cents on the cover.

Other results of note:

  • Our players were split on the over-under in the Central Florida-FAU game. UCF was driving towards a late score that would make the over, but were stopped on 4th down at the 7 yard line. No worry; there was still 6:33 left for a late score by either team. But after FAU punted, the game was called due to lightning with 4:20 to play. We have an official game rule on this: Rule 14.7.1 says a game is complete if less than 5 minutes remain. So the result stands. Unfortunately, it wrecked a parlay for McIntyre2K7.
  • The game being offical was good new for a lot of players, because all 15 point spread bets (some of which were in parlays) were on UCF to cover. Truly, we live in dark times.
  • In straight bets, our best games this week were San Diego State-UCLA (4 plays, won $116.55), Michigan-Army (8 plays, won $92.27), UCF-FAU (12 plays, won $90.27), and Clemson-Texas A&M (4 plays, won $73.18).
  • Our worst plays were on USF (though one big bet skewed that), Hawaii-Oregon State, Ohio State-Cincinnati, and the ultra-late-night California-Washington upset. North Texas-SMU broke two parlays, HerdCountry941 and speruche.
  • jrjs had San Diego State at +290 to beat UCLA. Well done there.
  • In addition to lrdnorman, other parlay winners were speruche ($300), E-Dogg42 (four for $278 total), and McIntyre2K7 ($17.32).

Other announcements: the Dashboard should look a lot better now. It has an complete and correct accounting of your futures bets, past week results, how much you start with this week, and how much you have to bet this week. Remember that any money wagered on futures is unavailable for you to use until the future is resolved. And that won’t be until season’s end, for the most part.

Week 3 attractions: Let’s start with The American. Four AAC teams host Power 5 competition: Houston (#20 Washington State), Temple (#21 Maryland), UCF (Stanford), and Tulsa (Oklahoma State). Cincinnati hosts Miami of Ohio in the long-running but little-known Victory Bell rivalry. In Sun Belt games, Memphis travels to South Alabama, while SMU hosts Texas State. East Carolina-Navy is our first conference game. USF (South Carolina State) and Tulane (Missouri State) host FCS opponents. UConn is off.

Nationally, Clemson-Syracuse should have been the marquee game, but the Orange were shredded 63-20 by surging Maryland. Iowa-Iowa State is always entertaining. Hawaii is at Washington. Florida tries to avenge last year’s loss to Kentucky. Florida State, who just barely escaped Louisiana-Monroe, goes to new #25 Virginia.

The opening lines will be available for play soon! Have fun and good luck!