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Protect Your Unit Week 6 Results

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Well, someone had a good week:

speruche Over 41.0 points in the South Carolina-Vanderbilt game; Over 44.0 points in the Marshall-Western Kentucky game; Over 52.5 points in the Florida State-Notre Dame game (WIN,WIN,WIN) South Carolina 41-7; Marshall 38-14; Notre Dame 42-26 80.00 WIN 480.00
speruche Navy +3.5 points over Temple; Over 43.5 points in the Pittsburgh-Boston College game; Over 42.5 points in the Tennessee-Georgia game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Navy 31-29; Boston College 31-30; Georgia 44-21 40.00 WIN 240.00
jrjs Over 58.5 points in the Virginia Tech-North Carolina game; Under 50.5 points in the Citadel-Army game; Arkansas State -14.0 points over Central Arkansas (WIN,WIN,WIN) North Carolina 56-45; Army 14-9; Arkansas State 50-27 25.00 WIN 150.00
lrdnorman Navy +3.5 points over Temple; Marshall -7.0 points over Western Kentucky (WIN,WIN) Navy 31-29; Marshall 38-14 25.00 WIN 65.00
speruche North Carolina State +250.0 money line to beat Virginia North Carolina State 38-21 25.00 WIN 62.50
speruche Texas A&M +210.0 money line to beat Florida Texas A&M 41-38 25.00 WIN 52.50

That’s three big parlay hits, and a couple of solid money line scores on Texas A&M and North Carolina State. defdans and ulhothot also won money line bets on these games. ElliotMoore won one on on Navy.

But other than that, it was a terrible week:

speruche 2006.89 671.05
GaryStephen 1247.96 -27.27
ElliotMoore 1158.12 -22.30
jrjs 1109.78 -136.59
AnthonyVito 1061.37 -118.18
briank19 992.89 0.00
ulhothot 949.31 -63.23
GibbsAK 895.64 -34.09
E-dogg42 823.06 -147.56
dsidwell31 765.00 -255.00
jjlovecub 734.00 -36.00
LrdNorman 712.96 -85.00
McIntyre2K7 516.00 -250.00
defdans 508.64 -32.55
UndercoverBull 384.09 -250.00
Danj725 281.65 -185.91
bullsonparade96 0.00 -3.77

Literally every other player lost for the week, except briank19 who didn’t enter any picks. Half of them of lost $100 or more.

bullsonparade96 lost his last $3.77 on three bets: USF, Temple. and the Houston-Tulane under. As per Rule 11, he can pick one AAC game in Week 7, against the spread, to get an extra $500 to stay in the game. I have put $1 in his PYU account so he can enter this bet. A push will be treated as a loss.

Week 7 games are:

  • Coastal Carolina at Louisiana
  • Georgia State at Arkansas State
  • Southern Methodist at Tulane
  • Brigham Young at Houston
  • Cincinnati at Tulsa
  • Navy at East Carolina
  • Texas State at South Alabama
  • South Florida at Temple
  • Clemson at Georgia Tech
  • Liberty at Syracuse
  • Pittsburgh at Miami (FL)
  • Kansas at West Virginia
  • Auburn at South Carolina
  • Kentucky at Tennessee
  • Western Kentucky at Alabama-Birmingham
  • Army at Texas-San Antonio
  • Louisville at Notre Dame
  • Central Florida at Memphis
  • Eastern Kentucky at Troy
  • Mississippi at Arkansas
  • Louisiana State at Florida
  • Duke at North Carolina State
  • Virginia at Wake Forest
  • Texas A&M at Mississippi State
  • Massachusetts at Georgia Southern
  • North Texas at Middle Tennessee State
  • Marshall at Louisiana Tech
  • North Carolina at Florida State
  • Southern Mississippi at Texas-El Paso
  • Oklahoma State at Baylor (UPDATE: already postponed to December 12, counts as a cancellation for this bet)
  • Vanderbilt at Missouri (UPDATE: already postponed to December 12, counts as a cancellation for this bet)
  • Florida International at Charlotte
  • Boston College at Virginia Tech
  • Georgia at Alabama

We will be offering the “number of cancellations” bet again, with the same rules as the past two weeks. The above 34 games are the pool of games that must be affected to count. If a new game is created or rescheduled to this week, it lowers the number of cancellations by 1. (It’s really the number of net cancellations.)

Oh, and I’m just the only one offering such plays. Real sports books have begun to offer similar lines. Here’s some NFL prop bets I’ve seen:

  • How many regular season NFL games will be postponed or canceled due to coronavirus? (Including 2 so far)? Over/Under 8.5.
  • How many NFL players will test positive for coronavirus (including 13 so far)? Over/Under 50.5.
  • Will the 2020 NFL regular season be completed? Yes -1500, No +650.

You really can bet on anything in this world. For fake money, in my case.

The first lines for Week 7 will be posted Sunday night or Monday morning. This is the last week that will have this few games scheduled, unless COVID changes everything again. The Big Ten and Mountain West start play in Week 8. The MAC and Pac-10 start two weeks after that. Even UMass has a game this week, and is talking with UConn about a game in the spring. That would leave only New Mexico State and Old Dominion on the sidelines for 2020.