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USF Football Demolished 42-13 By Tulsa on National TV

Sorry you watched that.

Robert Steeg/The Daily Stampede

That was awful.


Nick Roberts gave up and packed it in mid-way through the game. The defense followed closely after.

This game doesn’t deserve a recap.

The South Florida Bulls were mollywhomped on national television by the Tulsa Golden Hurricane on Friday night.

From being sooooo close last week at Temple, to showing up with this embarrassing excuse for effort is the sign of a team who needs a restart.

Jordan McCloud was ineffective and got a quick hook. Noah Johnson was promising until he turned it over in the red zone then threw a pick six. Cade Fortin looked good until he left with an injury.

If Jeff Scott didn’t know he was in for a world of hurt this year, he knows it now.

Tulsa rushed for over 200 yards, including a 62-yard score by Deneric Prince right after USF scored to make it a 21-13 affair. The Golden Hurricane out-gained the Bulls 419-227 through three quarters.

USF was pathetic on third down on offense and defense once again. The defense couldn’t get to the quarterback. They couldn’t do anything right. Sterlin Gilbert would’ve had a field day with rushes up the middle tonight.

Yeah, chalk this up to year negative-1. Don’t come at us after we told you all this team was going to be garbage this year. Charlie Strong left this roster devoid of talent at every position.

We’re reaping what was sowed.

Go enjoy your weekend. Go to a pumpkin patch, wear a mask, and know it’ll get better. But, not tonight. Or this year.