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Protect Your Unit Week 8 Results Thread

Crazy plays everywhere!

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game Four
I know it’s not football, but that ending was so crazy it’s worth looking at again.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Some pretty wild plays happened on Saturday. Since most of us are Tampa Bay people, I’m guessing we all saw the zany ending to World Series Game 4. But the college football world had a couple great moments as well.

First, Rice lost a game when this happened (sound effects added to minimize tragedy):

This after Rice got the ball in overtime, made no effort to advance it, and attempted a 45-yard field goal that would have won them the game. Literally one inch closer may have been enough.

Then there was this amazing punt:

I know it was wind-aided - have you ever been to west Texas? But still impressive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an end-zone-to-end-zone punt.

Indiana upset Penn State, in part because of this Penn State touchdown:

Penn State had a first down, a 1-point lead, and could have run out most of the remaining 1:47. But Indiana let them score so they could get the ball back. Penn State also didn’t go for two, which would have made the score 29-20 and ended the game. Of course, Indiana tied the game with a touchdown and conversion, and won in overtime when Michael Penix - of Tampa Bay Tech and once a USF recruiting target - barely got the ball across the plane of the goal line:

Wild day, huh? It wasn’t like that in PYU, where things played out more like most Penn State-Indiana games: the rich getting richer.

speruche Over 42.5 points in the Notre Dame-Pittsburgh game; Notre Dame -9.5 points over Pittsburgh; Over 48.0 points in the Kansas-Kansas State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Notre Dame 45-3; Notre Dame 45-3; Kansas State 55-14 100.00 WIN 600.00
speruche Over 48.0 points in the Kansas-Kansas State game; Over 44.5 points in the Rutgers-Michigan State game; Over 42.5 points in the Notre Dame-Pittsburgh game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Kansas State 55-14; Rutgers 38-27; Notre Dame 45-3 90.00 WIN 540.00

In two plays, leader speruche won $1,140, temporarily moving him over $3,000 total, but some late-night losses moved him back under it. To put that amount of fake money into perspective: second-place ElliotMoore has $1,324.63 total for the entire season. Here are the complete standings:

speruche 2960.48 847.31
ElliotMoore 1324.63 68.70
GaryStephen 1202.19 -86.77
AnthonyVito 1090.92 13.64
jrjs 1072.33 -357.45
LrdNorman 1008.41 -90.00
briank19 992.89 0.00
E-dogg42 842.56 -106.00
GibbsAK 797.53 -223.11
jjlovecub 761.00 0.00
dsidwell31 662.73 0.00
ulhothot 594.31 -208.00
Danj725 530.65 199.00
UndercoverBull 381.82 157.73
defdans 313.64 20.00
bullsonparade96 251.91 -248.09
McIntyre2K7 194.00 -247.00

So, yeah, speruche has a bit of a lead. But with great power comes great responsibility: a larger bankroll means you must risk more each week. 5-25% of that bankroll translates to a range of $148.02 to $740.12 that he must put at risk.

A lot of fake money was lost this week when USF failed to upset Tulsa, or even cover. But there were a few other big wins:

Danj725 Kansas State -19.5 points over Kansas; Over 61.5 points in the Syracuse-Clemson game (WIN,WIN) Kansas State 55-14; Clemson 47-21 100.00 WIN 260.00
undercoverbull Kansas State -19.5 points over Kansas Kansas State 55-14 200.00 WIN 181.82
Defdans Over 49.5 points in the Tulsa-South Florida game; Over 69.5 points in the Temple-Memphis game (WIN,WIN) Tulsa 42-13; Memphis 41-29 50.00 WIN 130.00

And that’s about it for positive gains. Those three players, plus speruche, ElliotMoore and AnthonyVito, are the only players in the black this week.

Here is the list of Week 9 games that count towards the “cancelled games” bet. We had a little confusion about this this week, so let me clarify the rules again: only games in the below list count as cancellations if they are not played. This may not match the list of games, or cancelled games, at other websites.

  • South Alabama at Georgia Southern
  • Colorado State at Fresno State
  • Marshall at Florida International
  • Minnesota at Maryland
  • Hawaii at Wyoming
  • East Carolina at Tulsa
  • Coastal Carolina at Georgia State
  • Memphis at Cincinnati
  • Temple at Tulane
  • Texas-San Antonio at Florida Atlantic
  • Boston College at Clemson
  • Wake Forest at Syracuse
  • Iowa State at Kansas
  • Kansas State at West Virginia
  • Michigan State at Michigan
  • Purdue at Illinois
  • Georgia at Kentucky
  • North Texas at Texas-El Paso
  • Central Florida at Houston
  • Troy at Arkansas State
  • Rice at Southern Mississippi
  • Wisconsin at Nebraska
  • Louisiana State at Auburn
  • Indiana at Rutgers
  • Northwestern at Iowa
  • Notre Dame at Georgia Tech
  • Texas Christian at Baylor
  • Alabama-Birmingham at Louisiana Tech
  • Appalachian State at Louisiana-Monroe
  • Virginia Tech at Louisville
  • Texas at Oklahoma State
  • Mississippi at Vanderbilt
  • Boise State at Air Force
  • Charlotte at Duke
  • Mississippi State at Alabama
  • San Jose State at New Mexico
  • Ohio State at Penn State
  • Missouri at Florida
  • Navy at Southern Methodist
  • Arkansas at Texas A&M
  • Oklahoma at Texas Tech
  • North Carolina at Virginia
  • Louisiana at Texas State
  • San Diego State at Utah State
  • Western Kentucky at Brigham Young

USF is off in Week 9, so at least we won’t lose again. First lines will appear Sunday night or Monday morning. The MAC and Pac-12 don’t start play until Week 10.