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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Gasparivalry Edition Featuring Banner Society’s Ryan Nanni

Banner Society’s Editor-In-Chief stops by to discuss Tampa, USF, and aquarium stadiums.

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South Florida v Cincinnati Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Bulluminati Podcast welcomes Banner Society’s own Editor-In-Chief to the pod, Ryan Nanni! You man know Ryan from Shutdown Fullcast and Bloomin’ Onion mascot fame, but he’s here today to talk about his time living in Tampa and the validity of Gasparilla celebrating a real pirate or not. Nathan, Collin, Jamie, and Senator Giggity also join in on the fun!

Afterwards Nathan, Collin, and Seth discuss the skyline chili turnover woes at Cincinnati and the game some are naming Worstlemania II vs. ECU in USF’s first home game with fans.

Oh hey, how’d this ESPN+ affiliate link get here.

0:00: Ryan Nanni joins the pod talking about his life living in Tampa, what Tampa sports can do to be non-Florida, aquarium baseball stadiums, what can USF do to become more Tampa, C., and Gasparilla!

30:35: We talk about what happened during the Cincinnati game. QB derby commences!

45:02: Collin asks, how does this year affect recruiting?

55:53: Let’s look towards homecoming and ECU! Player news

1:06:53: Prediction time!

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