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Houston Cougars Smoke South Florida Bulls A Lot to A Little

Go enjoy your Saturday.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As I write this, Houston is up 28-0 with a minute left in the second quarter

The Houston Cougars bounced back after back-to-back losses to UCF and Cincinnati to easily dispose of the South Florida Bulls [a lot to not a lot].

USF was without starting quarterback Noah Johnson, running backs Johnny Ford, Darrien Felix, starting linebacker Antonio Grier, cornerbacks Vincent Davis, and Ben Knox.

Cougars’ QB Clayton Tune threw, rushed, and caught all over the depleted USF defense. On the other hand, USF QB Jordan McCloud had another bad game, much like the rest of the offense.

This is a lost season for the Bulls, and with just two games left, the end can’t come soon enough. Head coach Jeff Scott has his hands full in this rebuild. The lack of depth is showing its ugly head as the team was ravaged with COVID-19 by either positive cases or contact tracing.

The season doesn’t matter. Go have a fun weekend. Be sure to mask up, wash your hands, and remember: USF Basketball season is just weeks away.