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Protect Your Unit Week 12 Results Thread

Shortly before Prussian troops marched into Dresden in 1866, 23 barrels with 200,000 thalers from the Koenigliche Muenze were secretly brought to Koenigstein Fortress, and stored there in the treasure house.
Photo by Harald Lange/ullstein bild via Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

About that...

I play a game on my phone called Resources. It’s a hybrid of Pokemon Go and a business tycoon game. A recent update to it had this explanation:

Due to regulations of some national age rating systems, real money currency/symbols may not be used as currency for virtual play money.

I did not know that. I occasionally use the dollar sign when talking about the fake money in this game, so I may violating internet law somewhere. Not that I’m worried, especially because I don’t think it’s a US law, but it gives me an excuse to do something I’ve always wanted to do: create a currency symbol for PYU. Here’s my proposal:


That is “Latin capital letter U with ogonek.” It is used in Lithuanian, and several Native American languages. I like it because it incorporates “U” for “units,” a hook (slang term for the 12 point you can get caught on, which we’ll see in a minute), and looks like a football goalpost. You can type it, in Windows at least, by holding the Alt key and typing 0370 on the numeric keypad. 0371 for lower case. Plain old letter U may be used instead. Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for something better.

Friday night’s Tulane-Tulsa game was one of the best of the year. After 40 scoreless minutes, Tulane took a 14-0 lead. E-dogg42 had a parlay including the over 54, which looked like a sure loser even if Tulsa did somehow get the game into overtime. Enter Tulsa third-string QB Davis Brin:

You can skip to 1:54 for the good bits, but the whole highlight is worth watching. Tulsa won 30-24 in overtime, saving E-dogg42 from a 15Ų loss. But not AnthonyVito:

anthonyvito Over 54.5 points in the Tulane-Tulsa game Tulsa 30-24 50.00 LOSS -50.00

And this next one is gonna leave a mark. Coastal Carolina led Appalachian State by 4 on the last play of the game, which would have made these bets a winner:

jrjs Illinois +15.5 points over Nebraska; Appalachian State +5.5 points over Coastal Carolina; Liberty +3.5 points over North Carolina State (WIN,TBD,WIN) Illinois 41-23; TBD; North Carolina State 15-14 40.00
jrjs Appalachian State +5.5 points over Coastal Carolina; Central Florida +6.0 points over Cincinnati; Liberty +3.5 points over North Carolina State (TBD,WIN,WIN) TBD; Cincinnati 36-33; North Carolina State 15-14 40.00
ULhothot Appalachian State +5.5 points over Coastal Carolina Coastal Carolina 34-23 10.00

That’s $480 in parlay wins for jrjs, currently near the bottom of the table. But this happened:

Coastal Carolina pulls a miracle cover, jrjs loses, and this parlay bet suddenly become a winner instead:

E-dogg42 Over 14.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game; Over 48.0 points in the Appalachian State-Coastal Carolina game; Coastal Carolina -4.5 points over Appalachian State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Number of Games Cancelled 17-0; Coastal Carolina 34-23; Coastal Carolina 34-23 40.00 WIN 240.00

Brutal beat. jrjs is down to 175.13, and can put it all on one bet in Week 13, if desired.

On the other end of the table, the clash of the titans between bullsonparade96 and speruche continues. After the 3:30 games, the former’s lead had shrunk to less than 25 dollars. But bullsonparade96 locked down this $900 parlay win:

bullsonparade96 Over 8.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game; Under 68.5 points in the Florida-Vanderbilt game; Over 61.5 points in the Cincinnati-Central Florida game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Number of Games Cancelled 17-0; Florida 38-17; Cincinnati 36-33 150.00 WIN 900.00

Later in the day, both players had large parlays undone by San Diego State’s loss to Nevada. The Aztecs got the ball to the four yard line late, but couldn’t score. This result actually benefitted speruche, who had would have won less than BOP and fallen even further behind. With little other action the rest of the day, the standings are now:

bullsonparade96 5125.29 -308.00
speruche 4019.77 -712.87
ElliotMoore 1850.12 26.58
E-dogg42 1731.38 452.81
AnthonyVito 1462.55 -118.04
UndercoverBull 1404.00 -245.78
GaryStephen 1157.79 47.10
LrdNorman 1004.04 0.00
briank19 992.89 0.00
GibbsAK 915.07 -90.00
dsidwell31 742.73 -20.00
jjlovecub 683.00 27.00
Danj725 651.63 32.32
ulhothot 618.86 69.55
jrjs 175.13 -250.00
defdans 0.00 0.00
McIntyre2K7 0.00 0.00

E-Dogg42, beneficiary of the Coastal Carolina win, netted 452.81 total and jumps from 6th to 4th. It’s still a long way to the top, though. Other than that, no major changes.

Finally, here’s a list of all the other bets than won more than $50:

E-dogg42 Massachusetts +31.5 points over Florida Atlantic; Over 8.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game; Over 61.5 points in the Cincinnati-Central Florida game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Florida Atlantic 24-2; Number of Games Cancelled 17-0; Cincinnati 36-33 40.00 WIN 240.00
speruche Over 51.5 points in the Michigan-Rutgers game; Over 53.0 points in the Arizona-Washington game; Southern California -2.5 points over Utah (WIN,WIN,WIN) Rutgers 48-42; Washington 44-27; Southern California 33-17 40.00 WIN 240.00
speruche Over 47.0 points in the Utah State-Wyoming game; Massachusetts +29.0 points over Florida Atlantic; Under 49.5 points in the Massachusetts-Florida Atlantic game (VOID,WIN,WIN) Wyoming 0-0; Florida Atlantic 24-2; Florida Atlantic 24-2 83.16 WIN 216.22
ElliotMoore Over 58.5 points in the Toledo-Eastern Michigan game; Over 61.5 points in the Western Michigan-Central Michigan game (WIN,WIN) Toledo 45-28; Western Michigan 52-44 60.00 WIN 156.00
dsidwell31 Auburn -10.0 points over Tennessee; Southern California -2.5 points over Utah; Stanford -2.5 points over Washington State (WIN,WIN,VOID) Auburn 30-17; Southern California 33-17; Stanford 0-0 50.00 WIN 130.00
ULhothot Over 66.5 points in the Indiana-Ohio State game; Over 46.0 points in the San Diego State-Nevada game (WIN,WIN) Ohio State 42-35; Nevada 26-21 50.00 WIN 130.00
E-dogg42 Under 62.5 points in the Northern Illinois-Ball State game; Over 8.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game (WIN,WIN) Ball State 31-25; Number of Games Cancelled 17-0 40.00 WIN 104.00
speruche Over 8.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game Number of Games Cancelled 17-0 100.00 WIN 90.91
anthonyvito Over 10.5 points in the COVID-19-Number of Games Cancelled game Number of Games Cancelled 17-0 95.15 WIN 86.50

There are 60 games scheduled for Week 13.

Colorado State at Air Force New Mexico at Utah State Iowa State at Texas
Massachusetts at Liberty Southern Mississippi at Alabama-Birmingham Nebraska at Iowa
Central Florida at South Florida Notre Dame at North Carolina Stanford at California
Wyoming at Nevada-Las Vegas Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan Oregon at Oregon State
San Diego State at Fresno State Washington at Washington State Northern Illinois at Western Michigan
Kent State at Buffalo Bowling Green State at Ohio Ball State at Toledo
Kentucky at Florida Arkansas at Missouri Southern Methodist at East Carolina
Louisiana Tech at Florida International Georgia Southern at Georgia State Texas-El Paso at Rice
Miami (OH) at Akron Florida Atlantic at Middle Tennessee State Minnesota at Wisconsin
Coastal Carolina at Texas State South Alabama at Arkansas State North Texas at Texas-San Antonio
Louisiana at Louisiana-Monroe Auburn at Alabama Rutgers at Purdue
Mississippi State at Mississippi Louisiana State at Texas A&M Western Kentucky at Charlotte
Georgia at South Carolina Tennessee at Vanderbilt Troy at Appalachian State
Texas Christian at Kansas Nevada at Hawaii Louisville at Boston College
San Jose State at Boise State Duke at Georgia Tech North Carolina State at Syracuse
Pittsburgh at Clemson Virginia at Florida State Kansas State at Baylor
Oklahoma at West Virginia Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Maryland at Indiana
Northwestern at Michigan State Ohio State at Illinois Penn State at Michigan
Arizona at UCLA Tulsa at Houston Colorado at Southern California
Utah at Arizona State Memphis at Navy Cincinnati at Temple

As is now custom, any game on that list that is not played this week will count towards the cancellations bet. The house has been taking a beating on that bet, so this week I will more aggressively set the over/under. It will be released with the first batch of lines this week.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, and as always, be safe out there.