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The USF Football Historical Draft Stream

Nine rounds, nine roster units, four teams. Let’s see who pieces together the best USF team of all time.

Live from various areas around Tampa and beautiful downtown Atlanta, it’s the inaugural TDS Historical Draft! Where four general managers attempt to draft the greatest USF team of all-time using units and coaching staffs across their tenure in Division I Football (2001-present)

Collin Sherwin, Ryan T. Smith, Nathan Bond, and Robert Steeg have done the research and are ready to assemble their programs. Seth Varnadore and Anthony Vito moderate and give color commentary on this momentous draft.

The Rules

  • There will be nine rounds to draft nine units from various years between 2001-2019. The units are QB, Backs, WR/TE, OL, DL, LBs, DBs, Specialists, and Coaching Staff.
  • The draft will be a snake draft, dictated by a random number generator live on the stream.
  • QB and Specialists can only be drafted once. For example, if someone drafts 2016 Quinton Flowers, no other team can draft Quinton Flowers in his other eligible years.
  • No one can draft the same unit twice.
  • You must draft the entire coaching staff from any given year, and you must run their respective systems.

Seth Varnadore built our general managers a nifty sheet of all offensive and defensive statistics from the years available for draft, as well as coaching staffs. Here you can find the full sheets.

Create your own team using the information below and compare them to our four GMs in the comments!

USF Offensive Numbers 2001 - 2019

USF Offensive Numbers 2001-2019

USF Defensive Numbers 2001 - 2019

USF Defensive Numbers 2001-2019

You can find the video with the full draft in the embed player below; or on our youtube channel. Please make sure to rate, subscribe, and comment!