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The Bulluminati Podcast: The NFL Street USF Roster Swap Edition

We go through three USF seasons and implement the classic NFL Street “steal a player” concept.

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Louisville v South Florida

The Bulluminati Podcast dives into some unusual and fun #content by asking the question on everyone’s mind: What happens if real life was like a video game?* More importantly, the NFL Street franchise.

If you missed Seth Varnadore’s piece on NCAA Street: Building the Ultimate Team, you should probably take a look before strapping in those ear buds and listening to this supplement; because we’re diving into three USF seasons to see what the rosters could look like if the winner of each game got to steal a player from the loser.

For this exercise, Nate, Seth, Steeg, Vito, and Senator Giggity took three USF seasons - 2007, 2016, and 2017 - and chose the players that USF would choose in wins, and who opponents would choose in losses. We stayed true to the records to keep consistency, but acknowledge that the roster attrition may contribute to results differently. Below you can see the full roster of TDS picks - some highly debated! (You’ll have to listen to the pod for that.)

*What, you don’t want life to be like Bendy and the Ink Machine?

Full Roster Swap Chart

Full Roster Swap Chart

Here we have Seth’s charts that we looked at while going through this exercise, with TDS’ picks in bold.

2007: Schedule, Notable Players, and TDS Picks

2007: Schedule, Notable Players, and Picks

2016: Schedule, Notable Players, and TDS Picks

2016: Schedule, Notable Players, and Picks

2017: Schedule, Notable Players, and TDS Picks

2017: Schedule, Notable Players, and Picks

And here are timestamps if you want to jump around seasons:

0:00: 2007

42:24: 2016

1:02:07: 2017

Like the players we chose? Have an opinion we didn’t discuss? Go ahead and give us your angle on the NFL Street style USF Roster Swap from any season in the comments and let’s debate!

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