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USF Jeopardy Part III: The Final Round

The old school winner, the new school winner, and our wild card duke it out in the final installment of our football Jeopardy series.

This is USF Jeopardy. The Final Round! For the first time in history, the USF blogosphere comes together to compete in a Jeopardy-style trivia game to prove who knows the most about the beloved alma mater; all created and hosted by all-around nice guy and fan-favorite Ryan T. Smith.

If you missed last week’s semifinal rounds make sure you check them out.

The Rules

We broke up the contests into two parts - the new school and the old school. Each will have three contestants with the winner after Final Jeopardy advancing to the final round. There will also be one Wild Card contestant - the runner-up in either game that has the highest point total.

The New School categories focus on the Taggart Era and beyond and will have our youngest contestants. The Old School categories focus on the entire history of the football program. Everything is on the table for the final round.

Part III - The Final Round

Let’s meet the contestants of our USF Jeopardy Final Round.

Jamie DeVriend, verified USF historian and Jeopardy veteran. Co-founder of The Daily Stampede. Last week’s Old School champion.

Nathan Bond, Managing Editor of The Daily Stampede. Last week’s New School champion.

Ken Decelles, Co-founder of Voodoo Five. Former Writer and Contributor, Voodoo Five/The Daily Stampede. Last week’s Wild Card contestant.

You can find the video in the embed player below; or on our youtube channel. Please make sure to rate, subscribe, and comment!