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Five Question Friday: All the Breads

It’s about to get yeasty.

We started talking about bread in the Slack Channel, and I decided, let’s take this to the public for answers. As one new Slack member put it “This chat is such a weird insight into the male psyche.” You’re welcome!

We haven’t done this in a long time. No better time that the present to pick it up again. Refresher: We give you five questions, you give us five answers in the comments.

  1. What is the best kind of bread to eat?
  2. What’s your perfect sandwich, either homemade or from a restaurant?
  3. Which restaurant serves the best “table bread”?
  4. Best homemade bread you’ve ever had?
  5. Everyone during quarantine has seemingly taken to making sourdough bread, have you tried your hand at it in the last four months? How did it turn out?