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Report: Mountain West Cancels Fall Season; Nevada No Longer An Option For USF Football

Delaying the inevitable.

NCAA Football: UNLV at Nevada David Calvert-USA TODAY Sports

There’s another hole on the USF football schedule after the Mountain West—home to the Nevada Wolf Pack—decided to cancel the 2020 fall football season due to COVID player and safety concerns, according to Stadium’s Brett McMurphy.

USF now has two holes to fill on the schedule with Nevada and Bethune-Cookman off the table. The Texas game has not been officially canceled, but it appears to be on the chopping block according to numerous reports.

The Mountain West joins the MAC, and independents UConn, and Old Dominion to cancel their football season as concerns over player safety continue to mount with just weeks left before the season is supposed to start.

Rumors have circulated Sunday and into Monday that the Big Ten will also be canceling their season as a result of COVID-19.

Players from around the country have expressed their desire to play, but have requested some improvements from the NCAA and conferences as whole to help have a 2020 season, including the creation of a NCAA Players Association.

We will update this story as more news comes out.