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Reports: USF to play Notre Dame in South Bend on September 19th

Remember what happened the last time the Bulls played in Notre Dame Stadium? That’s right: USF got a seven-figure payday to compete in a football game! And it’s going to happen again!

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University of South Florida defensive back KJ Sails interacts with fans during the South Florida Bulls game versus the Cincinnati Bearcats on November 16, 2019 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL. Photo by Mary Holt/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


As I was writing up late writing for my other gig here at Vox Media (shameless plug), this lil’ tidbit came across my monitor:

Some quick thoughts:

* Notre Dame just sent all their students home because of multiple Covid-19 outbreaks, despite bragging about what a great job they were doing containing the virus just last week. We got a long, long way to go until this actually happens.

* Michael Kelly: Making chicken salad out of chicken shit since 2018.

* I did a quick scan for the football attendance policy at Notre Dame for 2020, and nothing pops up immediately. Whether fans would be able to see the game in person remains an open question for now. TDS fortunately has some connects in South Bend, and we’ll have someone there to cover in whatever capacity we’re allowed.

* Those of us that attended the game in 2011 will never forget Kayvon Webster’s scoop-and-score, one of the more epic road game tailgates in Bulls history, and two lightning delays that made for one of the longest football games of FBS football ever which ensured we all smelled pretty horrible by the time we got back to the hotels. It was also one of those days that made all the heartbreak of being a USF fan worth it.

But this game will very likely not be that due to both attendance restrictions and the fact Notre Dame is comfortably back in the Top 10 while USF is in a rebuild.

* Lee Roy Selmon passed away the following day. I was in Wrigleyville with some of my dearest friends when I found out, and I was glad they were there. It made the trip bittersweet for all of us. It also means we’re coming up on nine years without the Big Guy. We all still miss him.

* If we’re going to play football (and it’s still very much an open question if we should!!), this is how USF should do it. Go big or go home.

* I’ll bet my friends at my full-time job set the line at Notre Dame -27.5 or so.

* God I miss football. We all miss football. But the first priority is that the players and staff need to be safe. No matter how much all of us want this, players included, the standards of safety and health cannot be set back one iota.

* You want this game? Wear a damn mask.