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We’re down to four breads left. Which two advance to the championship and the chance to be named King of Bread, a title that totally exists?

Frank Restaurant In Beverly Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

After some time off to report on actual news that is relevant to this website, it’s time to finish up THE BREAD BRACKET.

From a field of 64 (mostly) deserving breads, we have sliced our field down to the last four. The Fermented Four, if you will. Now the four regional champions must do battle until only one bread remains.

As you may recall, cornbread and Italian bread finished in a tie. Also as you may recall, the staff’s votes were used to seed all the breads in each region. To break the tie, I used the staff’s rankings of cornbread and Italian bread. Cornbread was ranked higher on 7 out of 10 ballots, so it moves on. Sorry garlic bread fans, but Nate had a very good counterpoint:

And look, there’s Cuban bread in one of our semifinals! It had a pretty smooth ride through the pack of sandwich loaf breads, but now it comes up against naan, the It Bread of this tournament. On the other side, it’s cornbread against croissants, the somewhat surprising winner of the miscellaneous region. (Yeah, I know it’s not surprising for a #1 seed to get this far, but I was pretty sure our voting bloc would support biscuits in the regional final.)

Now it’s time to decide the two finalists. Vote below. Polling closes Wednesday night, and the final will be held Thursday and Friday. May the best breads win!

Side note: Now that seeding votes don’t apply anymore, the staff will revote to break any subsequent ties.


Cuban Bread vs. Naan

This poll is closed

  • 65%
    Cuban Bread
    (42 votes)
  • 34%
    (22 votes)
64 votes total Vote Now


Cornbread vs. Croissants

This poll is closed

  • 36%
    (24 votes)
  • 63%
    (41 votes)
65 votes total Vote Now