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Watching Film: Rewind

Let’s look at some film from last year to see how the Bulls might play this year.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Navy Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Football is back. Well, maybe. Probably. Possibly? Regardless, the Bulls begin practice Friday, August 7th for the 2020 (2021 spring?) season.

With an entirely new coaching staff and without spring practice, it’s hard to know what to expect from the Bulls. However, we can look back at the schemes that Jeff Scott ran at Clemson, as well as those ran at FAU by OC Charlie Weis Jr. and DC Glenn Spencer, to get an idea of what we might see whenever the Bulls next get on the field.

We recorded three separate film rooms in January to take a look at the various schemes we might see at USF under the new staff. If you’re jonesing for football, like I am, check out the videos below.

Clemson Offense under Jeff Scott

FAU Offense under Charlie Weis Jr.

FAU Defense under Glenn Spencer