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Protect Your Unit Week 4 Results Thread

Now you can bet on COVID-19 itself!

Missouri State v Oklahoma
These fans were very disappointed.
Photo by Sue Ogrocki-Pool/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

First, check out the wild ending of the Louisiana game:

After escaping Georgia State in overtime last week, Louisiana’s got a cardiac kids thing going on! It’s great that there’s a ranked, unbeaten Group of 5 school that people can enjoy rooting for.

Elsewhere, we had upsets! Oklahoma and LSU went down at home, to lightly-regarded opposition. Texas barely escaped Texas Tech. Georgia struggled with Arkansas for awhile. Scoring was up; games averaged almost 62 points per game this week, up from 53, 55, and 59 the first three weeks.

With all conferences now playing at least a partial season, it is likely that there will be no Spring 2021 season of Protect Your Unit. The 2020 college football season should be wrapped up after the completion of bowl games and the national championship, as usual.

Standings after week 4:

speruche 1389.13 -463.05
ulhothot 1210.06 -347.35
AnthonyVito 1188.64 -11.36
dsidwell31 1120.00 -75.00
GibbsAK 1020.64 23.27
ElliotMoore 1011.75 58.18
briank19 992.89 0.00
jrjs 946.37 -70.00
GaryStephen 917.82 -25.36
UndercoverBull 788.64 -40.00
LrdNorman 772.50 -257.50
jjlovecub 770.00 -165.00
E-dogg42 734.53 -23.09
McIntyre2K7 596.00 -196.00
defdans 575.91 -175.00
Danj725 445.42 -176.00
bullsonparade96 251.86 -246.18

Not a good week for our two early leaders, losing a combined $810.40 in fake money. Only two players won this week: ElliotMoore (58.18) and GibbsAK (23.27). ElliotMoore’s largest bets were on Miami, Florida, and Cincinnati -11.5, who all covered. (Some players had Cincinnati -14, which only pushed. GibbsAK, also won on Florida, and was one of the few parlay hits this week:

undercoverbull Campbell +35.5 points over Appalachian State; Appalachian State -27.0 points over Campbell; Auburn -6.5 points over Kentucky (WIN,WIN,WIN) Appalachian State 52-21; Appalachian State 52-21; Auburn 29-13 30.00 WIN 180.00
jrjs Florida International +8.5 points over Liberty; Under 62.0 points in the Kansas-Baylor game (WIN,WIN) Liberty 36-34; Baylor 47-14 25.00 WIN 65.00
jrjs Missouri +29.0 points over Alabama; Iowa State -2.5 points over Texas Christian (WIN,WIN) Alabama 38-19; Iowa State 37-34 25.00 WIN 65.00
E-dogg42 Alabama-Birmingham -6.5 points over South Alabama; Over 47.0 points in the Alabama-Birmingham-South Alabama game (WIN,WIN) Alabama-Birmingham 42-10; Alabama-Birmingham 42-10 25.00 WIN 65.00
McIntyre2K7 Vanderbilt +31.0 points over Texas A&M; Over 70.0 points in the Texas-Texas Tech game (WIN,WIN) Texas A&M 17-12; Texas 63-56 15.00 WIN 39.00
E-dogg42 Auburn -7.5 points over Kentucky; Virginia -5.0 points over Duke (WIN,WIN) Auburn 29-13; Virginia 38-20 15.00 WIN 39.00
Gibbsak Florida -14.5 points over Mississippi; Over 57.0 points in the Florida-Mississippi game (WIN,WIN) Florida 51-35; Florida 51-35 10.00 WIN 26.00
E-dogg42 Georgia State +1.5 points over Charlotte; Virginia -6.0 points over Duke (VOID,WIN) Charlotte 0-0; Virginia 38-20 13.00 WIN 13.00
E-dogg42 Florida International +7.0 points over Liberty; South Florida +6.0 points over Florida Atlantic (WIN,VOID) Liberty 36-34; Florida Atlantic 0-0 12.00 WIN 12.00

That’s only 9 wins, including some partial wins, out of 53 parlay bets total. speruche and ulhothot missed all of theirs. Texas was a big parlay breaker; a lot of plays had them to cover -16.

There are 30 games scheduled for Week 5:

  • Campbell at Wake Forest
  • Louisiana Tech at Brigham Young
  • Arkansas State at Coastal Carolina
  • Oklahoma at Iowa State
  • Texas Christian at Texas
  • East Carolina at Georgia State (AAC)
  • North Carolina State at Pittsburgh
  • Baylor at West Virginia
  • Missouri at Tennessee
  • South Carolina at Florida
  • Texas-San Antonio at Alabama-Birmingham
  • North Alabama at Liberty
  • Abilene Christian at Army
  • Texas Tech at Kansas State
  • Memphis at Southern Methodist (AAC)
  • Texas A&M at Alabama
  • Oklahoma State at Kansas
  • North Carolina at Boston College
  • South Florida at Cincinnati (AAC)
  • Charlotte at Florida Atlantic
  • Virginia Tech at Duke
  • Mississippi at Kentucky
  • Jacksonville State at Florida State
  • Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee
  • Navy at Air Force (AAC)
  • Georgia Southern at Louisiana-Monroe
  • Southern Mississippi at North Texas
  • Tulsa at Central Florida (AAC)
  • Arkansas at Mississippi State
  • Auburn at Georgia

Here’s why I listed them all. I am adding a new bet to the game: predict the number of cancelled games. The last two weeks we had five and seven. This will appear as “COVID-19 vs college football” and will be an over-under line only. You can bet on whether the number of cancelled/postponed games will be more or less than the number given. The line may move during the week, dependent upon betting action, and the number of cancellations that come in early. The usual betting rules apply otherwise.

Official rules:

  • “Cancellation” means that the game is not started before 11:59 PM Eastern time on Monday night. Changes of date/time within the current week do not count.
  • The official reason for cancellation does not matter.
  • Whether the game is rescheduled later in the season does not matter.
  • A game that begins and is abandoned before completion does not count as a cancellation. If the opening kickoff happened, it’s not a cancellation.
  • Change of game site, by itself, is not a cancellation.
  • If a game not listed above is scheduled and played during Week 5, it lowers the number of total cancellations.
  • Because this is an over-under bet, it is eligible for use in parlays.
  • It does not count as an AAC bet.

This is an experiment I’m trying out: to see if throwing in some oddball prop bets will be interesting. Also, I want to try my hand at setting my own lines for things.

On to Week 5! Lines, including the new cancellation line, will be posted late Sunday night or early Monday.