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From 64 down to just two... which is THE ULTIMATE BREAD? That’s up to you.

I’m sure we all know how the patrons here will vote in the Bread Bracket final.
Photo by Lucian Perkins/The Washington Post via Getty Images

After lots of debate, lots of thrills, lots of people complaining this is not important, and lots of procrastinating, we have reached the final round of THE BREAD BRACKET — Cuban bread vs. croissants.

Here’s how our two finalists got here:

Cuban Bread - #2 seed, Sandwich Bread Region

1st round - def. (15) Pan Sobao 100-0%
2nd round - def. (7) Potato Bread 72-28%
Round of 16 - def. (3) French Bread 83-17%
Final 8 - def. (4) Baguette 71-29%
Semifinal - def. Naan 66-34%

Croissants - #1 seed, Miscellaneous/Maybe Not Bread Region

1st round - def. (16) Johnnycakes 93-7% (I am convinced the 7% was people doing bits)
2nd round - def. (8) Scones 83-17%
Round of 16 - def. (4) Pretzels 75-25%
Final 8 - def. (3) Biscuits 52-48%
Semifinal - def. Cornbread 63-37%

Based on its romp through the bracket so far, its taste and versatility, plus the reverence for Cuban sandwiches around Tampa, you have to say Cuban bread is the favorite here. But croissants should be able to hold their own. They’re delicious on their own, they make a great sandwich bread (especially at breakfast time), and unlike Cuban bread, you can fill them with things like chocolate and cream cheese.

Both would be extremely worthy champions... but now it’s time for you to decide the winner. Which is THE ULTIMATE BREAD? Vote below. The polls will stay open until Friday night — make your final choice!


Cuban Bread vs. Croissants

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  • 56%
    Cuban Bread
    (38 votes)
  • 43%
    (29 votes)
67 votes total Vote Now