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USF Football Secures $5 Million Donation for Football Facility, Schedules BYU, and More

We keep creeping closer, and closer to the USF Football Center.

Central Florida v South Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

It’s been a while since we’ve had some meaningful South Florida Bulls football news, and Tuesday tried its best to make up for it.

USF head coach Jeff Scott met with reporters (and Steeg) via Zoom to discuss myriad of topics, including some exciting news about the USF Football Facility, and more.

Unknown Donor Gives $5 million toward the USF Football Center

We nearly went the entire presser without finding this out. Talk about burying the lede. Jeff Scott seemed nearly giddy talking to reporters about the new donation they secured last week.

Scott said there’s still some paperwork and typical big money donation things to work through, but was excited to share the news. The Daily Stampede was able to confirm who the donation is from, but we’ve made the decision to wait until all parties are ready to announce this amazing gift. Shoutout [redacted]!

When the plans for the football facility were announced in late 2017, the original price tag was about $40 million. We believe this new donation puts USF right near, if not at the “Go ahead and get the shovel in the ground” territory.

We can only assume the major donor was inspired by Steeg’s grassroots movement last week that saw dozens of USF fans donate to the football center, among other causes. [THIS IS SARCASM]

Thank you to everyone who donated.

Spring Practice Starts Next Week

The Bulls will kick off spring practice on February 23 with eyes on a March 27 spring game inside Raymond James Stadium.

The thought behind having the spring game at Ray Jay is pretty simple: More room for fans and family given the pandemic. Scott wants a game-like atmosphere for his team, and who else wouldn’t want to play on the field the Bucs won a Super Bowl?

USF Signs Up for Two More Games Versus BYU

Shortly before the media session, USF announced they’ve agreed to two more games with BYU beginning in 2022. The Bulls will welcome in the Cougars on September 3, 2022, and return to Provo on October 28, 2023.

USF faces BYU in Provo this season on September 24 to wrap up the initial two-game series.

With this announcement, the Bulls have their nonconference scheduled booked through 2027, including games versus Alabama, Boise State, Florida, Louisville, and NC State.


Scott Will Coach Wide Receivers Until July

Almost as exciting (to him) as the $5 million donation, Scott announced that he’ll be coaching wide receivers this spring, and through July until their new wide receivers coach can get on campus.

Scott said due to contract issues, and retirement benefit plans the new coach—widely reported to be former South Carolina RB/TE coach Bobby Bentley—won’t be able to officially begin until July.