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The Bulluminati Podcast: Verified Edition

First pod of the year and we have a ton to talk about!

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Tulsa v South Florida Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

It’s so good to be back! The Bulluminati Podcast starts out the new year with a bang polishing off TDS’ brand new verified Twitter account to discuss football staff changes, national signing day, transfers, and much more. So sit back, relax, and fire up that podcast machine as Nate, Steeg, and Nick recap the last month in USF Athletics and get FIRED UP for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing in the Super Bowl in their home stadium!

  • 0:00: We’re back! And we ask how Nick, Steeg, and Nate have been in the New Year.
  • 5:47: Let’s discuss the new staff changes with the football progrum.
  • 24:06: Second Signing Day Extravaganza Recap!
  • 38:02: EA Sports announces the College Football video game is BACK! Who’s excited?
  • 44:52: Off-season workouts have already started. What are your expectations going into Spring practice?
  • 1:02:38: Roster number updates!
  • 1:07:54: Men’s and Women’s Basketball updates and spring sports.

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