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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Opening Night Edition

It’s officially #NCState Week.

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South Florida v Cincinnati Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Well folks we made it! The extremely long offseason is over and it’s officially game week. Join us as we kick it off with a special episode of The Bulluminati Podcast presented by Irish 31 livescast! After Nate and Seth’s success with the #TDSLive streams previewing the season, we decided to utilize the platform for the podcasts as well—in addition to uploading them to your podcast feed. We have a lot of exciting new features coming up so be sure to follow Twitter and Subscribe to our YouTube page to see the latest content from The Daily Stampede as we #pivottovideo.

Watch the full livestream on our YouTube page below:

2:57: We finally received the news we’ve been waiting for. USF will announce the groundbreaking of the IPF on September 8!

13:13: Let’s chat the upcoming game at NC State on Thursday to kick off the second season of the Jeff Scott Era. We talk strengths, weaknesses, what we expect, and take your questions live.

29:17: We ran into some connection issues with Nate around this time that are intermittent throughout the stream.

53:00: Predictions and wrap-up!

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