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The Bulluminati Podcast Presented by Irish 31: The Groundbreaking Edition

USF broke ground on the IPF earlier today which is a monumental step forward - but we have work to do.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 USF at NC State Photo by William Howard/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This season is only one game old and we may have recorded the most important livestream of The Bulluminati Podcast’s history. The last week has brought a whirlwind of news and that doesn’t even include the 45-0 thrashing at the hands of NC State. To continue our stories from earlier this week we welcome Dr. Karla Mastracchio, Dr. Matt Morrison, and Collin Sherwin to discuss why we need to talk about USF, the importance of the IPF groundbreaking, and what to expect the rest of the season.

View the full livestream below

0:00: We plug our sponsor Irish 31!

1:36: Nate hosts the adult round-table of Karla, Matt, and Collin to discuss the culture of USF and what needs to happen moving forward.

48:26 The Groundbreaking of the Indoor Performance Facility came with some shocking news - the intention of building an on-campus stadium.

1:02:48: Let’s talk actual football and the UF game!

1:35:48: We give away free club section tickets to the USF vs UF game! Tune in to hear if you won!

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