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The Bulluminati Podcast: The COUGAR, I hardly KNOW her Edition

Gotta play the hits one last time.

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Morgan Tencza / The Daily Stampede

Nate is fully recovered, Seth has an awesome Halloween costume, and Steeg forgets who Liam Neeson is in this post-bye edition of The Bulluminati Podcast. The fellas discuss the road game at Houston in their final season in the AAC, what the new offense after the Gerry Bohanon injury might look like, and what to expect the rest of the season.

Watch the full live stream

  • 0:00: Let’s talk about our Bye weeks and Halloween plans!
  • 9:23: Let’s talk some football going on the road to Houston.
  • 53:41: Predictions and wrap-up.

On this date: October 26, 2019 is the last time USF won a road game.

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