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The Bulluminati Podcast: The I Suppose There’s Still a Game Edition

Oh right! There’s still a game to be played.

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Morgan Tencza / The Daily Stampede

It feels like ages since we last left The Bulluminati Podcast, but with the new of Jeff Scott being fired and subsequent head coach rumors being floated around we forgot there was still a game to be played! Nate, Seth, and Steeg discuss the home game vs. SMU who just dropped 77 on Houston and the press conference’s of Michael Kelly and interim head coach Diamond Dallas Page Daniel da Prato .

Watch the full live stream

0:00: Michael Kelly gets asked about Jon Gruden before his press conference even started.

12:29: Let’s talk actual football and look back at Temple, and preview SMU we suppose.

30:40: We play a coaching hot board game, and wrap-up!

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