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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Davey O’Brien & Realignment Edition

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Morgan Tencza / The Daily Stampede

As the fellas say “we get together when then news needs us” so Nate, Seth, and Steeg are back at it with another edition of The Bulluminati Podcast to discuss the GOAT Georgina Corrick, the MLB baseball draft, Shane’s All Star start, Gerry Bohanon and the Davey O’Brien Award, conference realignment, and more. Unfortunately, Nate’s internet doesn’t corporate so it’s the Seth and Steeg show for the majority of the podcast.

Watch the full live stream

2:10: Shane’s All*Star game START and the MLB Draft. #ArmFarm isn’t just a hashtag. We also discuss Georgina Corrick winning the pitching triple crown.

12:29: USF Transfer QB Gerry Bohanon was named to the Davey O’Brien watch list.

30:02: ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips spoke and said some interesting things.

44:42: Vincent “Smoke” Davis announced he has to medically retire from football due to a neck injury. We’ll miss him playing hard 100% of the time and his huge hits on Defense.

51:42: We have some helmet and jersey boxes being teased! Our equipment specialist opines.

1:05:09: We take your #AskTDS questions, look at the new USF Athletics website, and briefly discuss new offensive analyst Chad Morris (yes, that Chad Morris.)

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