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Alex Golesh Introduced as Sixth Head Coach at USF

"We’re in a race against ourselves to be as good as we can, as fast as we can."

BREAKING: USF Football Hires Tennessee Offensive Coordinator Alex Golesh as Next Head Coach, Per Reports

Thank god it’s over.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The It’s Finally Over Edition

We made it!

PYU Week 13: Don’t Mention The War

The season from hell is finally over. Now what?

In the ashes of a doomed era of football comes opportunity for USF to capitalize.

USF Football’s Season Ends on Late Touchdown from Central Florida Because Of Course.

This season sucked ass.

Brian Battie Rushes for 1,000 on the Season, USF Football Loses 48-42 to Tulsa

Thank God there’s only one week left.

PYU Week 12: Melon Crazy

PYU Week 11: Relax

No Dead Cat Bounce For USF Football, Lose 41-23 to SMU Mustangs

There’s no fixing this defense in a week.

You Cannot Hire Jon Gruden

I can’t believe I'm having to write this.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The I Suppose There’s Still a Game Edition

Oh right! There’s still a game to be played.

USF Basketball: Women Destroy Morehead State 87-40; Men Got Some Exercise in 64-61 Loss to Southeast Missouri State

More of the same. Both good and bad.

The Bulluminati Podcast: Emergency Podcast Jeff Scott Fired

What must be done eventually, must be done immediately.

BREAKING: USF Football Head Coach Jeff Scott Has Been Fired

It was about time.

PYU Week 10: No Gnus Is Good Gnus

USF Football Get Ran Through By Temple 54-28

Yeah, we’re done here.

It’s Referendum Day For USF Football and Head Coach Jeff Scott

Today may be a moment in history for USF Athletics.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The If Not Now, When Edition

The good news is its Temple week! That’s USF’s last FBS win!

PYU Week 9: All Hallows’ Eve

USF Football Covers Spread, Gets Steamrolled by Houston Cougars 42-27

Good teams win, great teams cover.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The COUGAR, I hardly KNOW her Edition

Gotta play the hits one last time.

PYU Week 8: The Not-So-Fun Belt

Gerry Bohanon to miss remainder of 2022 season with shoulder injury

Bohanon joins a slew of injuries that have plagued the snake bitten Bulls.

Protect Your Unit Week 7: I Go To Extremes

USF Football Competes vs Tulane, But Falls 45-31

Season From Hell has some tail to it.

Game Thread: Tulane Green Wave at USF Bulls

Don’t poop the bed, part 2

USF Women’s Basketball Picked to Win AAC and USF Men’s Basketball Slated to Finish 9th in Pre-Season Coach’s Poll

The Queens stay Queens, but the men’s team with some work to do.

TDS Film Room: Cincinnati

Progress isn’s a straight line as they say.

The Bulluminati Podcast: The Don’t Poop the Bed Part 2 Edition

Is this a season from hell with all of the injuries?

Protect Your Unit Week 6 Picks Thread: Hooray For Normalcy

USF Football Puts Scare into No. 24 Cincinnati Bearcats, Fall 28-24

I don’t get this team...