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USF NFL Draft Roundup - Barrington and Daniels Picked In Round 7, Several Bulls Signed As Free Agents

The Bulls fared better than pretty much anyone expected this weekend in the NFL Draft. Three USF players were drafted, and five more undrafted players signed free-agent contracts.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

It certainly wasn't USF's best draft class of all time, but I'm not sure if anyone anticipated three Bulls getting picked this weekend. It started on Friday with the Denver Broncos taking Kayvon Webster in the third round with the 90th overall pick, and continued into Saturday afternoon when Sam Barrington and B.J. Daniels (!!!) were selected late in the seventh round.

Barrington, who was scooped up by the Green Bay Packers, went more or less where he was projected. We all know that Sam is a talented player, and it's great that the Packers saw his potential and were willing to give him a shot. With a few years of grooming, he could turn out to be well worth the investment.

The more intriguing selection is Daniels going to the San Francisco 49ers just five picks later, which I think I can safely say literally no one saw coming. It's about as good an opportunity for B.J. as he could've hoped for, though. He fits the 49ers' offense well (maybe the only offense in the NFL he could have fit into) and will be reunited with former coach Jim Leavitt, who serves as San Francisco's linebackers coach. It'll be interesting to see if B.J. makes the roster, and if so, how Jim Harbaugh plans on using him.

It was a little surprising to see Cory Grissom not get selected, but he signed a free agent deal with the Patriots shortly after the draft. The other Bulls inked to free agent deals so far are Evan Landi (Buccaneers), Mark Popek (Jets), and George Baker and Maikon Bonani (Titans).

All in all, it was a pleasant surprise to see three Bulls drafted this year after having none drafted last season. Best of luck to all the aforementioned players as they continue their careers in the NFL.