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Oklahoma State QB Wes Lunt Transferring - Would USF Want Him?

Unlike the other transfer quarterbacks on the market, Lunt can't help USF this year, which makes it a long shot that he ends up in Tampa.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

There's another transfer quarterback on the market -- Oklahoma State's Wes Lunt, who started five games as a freshman last season, but fell to third on the Cowboys' depth chart this spring and decided he wanted to leave Stillwater.

Since there's already a Bat-Signal over USF with a symbol of a quarterback on it, I imagine the Bulls will give Lunt a look. But two things might work against them here. The most obvious one is that Lunt is not a graduate transfer, and would have to sit out a year before playing for a new team. USF needs quarterback help right now, so Lunt wouldn't fill their need.

The other is that Lunt is coming out of an Air Raid system, and there's no shortage of teams running that system (or something close to it) that might be a more appealing fit for him. And with Lunt having to sit out a year anyway, it brings a whole other group of schools into the mix that wouldn't have been interested in someone like Steven Bench or Brandon Mitchell, who can both play this season.

Lunt is likely the most talented and proven (relatively speaking) of the transfer quarterbacks out there, but right now he appears to be the least likely to end up at USF.