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USF Football's 2014 American Athletic Conference Schedule Coming Together

Thanks to other schools leaking their home and away opponents for conference play, we have a pretty good idea who will fill out USF's 2014 football schedule.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

OK, here's what we know so far about USF's eight-game 2014 conference football schedule:

That makes the picture look like this:

HOME: UConn, East Carolina, ???, ???
AWAY: SMU, Cincinnati, ???, ???

Next, we can make a couple of reasonable deductions:

  • USF and C.Florida are obviously going to play each other, and it's USF's turn to host the game. You can write that one in pen.
  • Everything we've seen tells us that if you played an opponent in 2013, and you play them again in 2014, the opposite team will host. That means if Houston is on USF's schedule, it would be the fourth home game, because the Bulls visited the Cougars last year. Conversely, if USF plays Memphis, it will be at the Liberty Bowl

The picture now looks like this:

HOME: UConn, East Carolina, C.Florida, ???
AWAY: SMU, Cincinnati, ???, ???

Since Houston would have to be a home game, that leaves only three possible teams to fill the two road slots - Tulane, Memphis, and Tulsa. I think we all know which one we're rooting for.

The last home slot could be filled by Houston, Tulane, or Tulsa.

This is a good head start, but we'll find out what the American schedule really looks like soon.