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Skip Holtz: Fine Human Being

Wanted to share this before it slips away. Greg Auman had this quote from Skip Holtz's signing day Q&A session. Someone asked him if they had thought about trying to take some of their East Carolina recruits with him (like a certain mealy-mouthed a-hole and his deep-fried consigliere). Skip's answer:

"It was easy because it was the right decision," Holtz said. "East Carolina paid all of our recruiting expenses when we were at East Carolina, for us to develop a lot of these relationships with these young men. When you look at some of the (coaching) changes going on in recruiting, a lot of people just took the class with them or tried to take the class with them. I felt like those young men committed to East Carolina ... I in no way, shape or form want to harm East Carolina."

Imagine that, a football coach with scruples. Something tells me that even if Skip Holtz ends up Kragthorpe-ing this thing, we're still going to feel bad that it didn't work out.