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"Protect Your Unit" Game - Week 11 Results

DISCLAIMER: These picks are for entertainment purposes only. No actual wagering is being performed, to one player's chagrin.

You already know that Andrew from The UConn Blog hit a humongous parlay this past week. But now it's time to reveal how much it was worth. Let's see... a five-team parlay pays off at 25 to 1 on the site we use, so multiply $248 by 25 and you get... $6,200.

What a spectacular turn of events! UConn fans are beside themselves with excitement!

(wait for it...)

(wait for it...)


(Another fine, hand-crafted piece of screencap greatness from Bubbaprog.)

Now let's see where everyone sits. There are only three weeks left in the regular season, and then bowl season, which has its own set of rules... so expect some outlandish bets from everyone not named Andrew from here on out.

If you'd like to see the Microsoft Excel file with everyone's individual results and the now-completely-useless weekly graph (since Andrew's line has completely skewed the Y-axis), click here.

BEST BET: Gee, what do you think?

WORST BET: Well, I'm not giving this to myself, so I'll give it to Ken instead, who could have tried to sit on his lead but instead got greedy and threw $150 at a three-team parlay -- Oregon/California OVER 58.5, Michigan/Purdue OVER 61.5, and Utah -6. He went 0 for 3, and even without Andrew's Hail Mary pick coming through, Ken would have lost the lead to Hoya Suxa.

MOST DEGENERATE BET: For the second week in a row, Chris decided to pick the first three lines on the list that interested him, which were the Thursday night game and two nooners on Saturday. His explanation? "Just so I don't have to see all the lines."