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TCU Invited to Big East

Dick Weiss from The New York Daily News and Brett McMurphy from AOL Fanhouse are reporting that TCU has received an invitation to join the Big East in all sports. McMurphy is stating that TCU will join the conference in 2012-2013. With Villanova still not 100% on moving up to FBS, this was the best thing for the Big East to do. According to Weiss, both commissioner John Marinatto and associate commissioner John Paquette have made the trip to Fort Worth, and there will be a press conference today at 2:00pm Eastern time.

I'm surprised that the basketball schools caved in and let TCU in as an all-sports member, but it is the best thing for the conference as a whole. TCU raises the profile of the football side of things, and their Olympic sports are quite good, with their baseball and women's basketball teams consistently ranked in the Top 25. Maybe most importantly, TCU's BCS rankings will be attributed to the Big East when reevaluation starts in a few years.

I'm thrilled that TCU is joining because USF and the Horned Frogs have a nice little history with each other. TCU stopped USF's 21-game home winning streak in 2003 when TCU sacked Ronnie Banks and Brian Fisher 10 times. Andre Hall introduced himself to USF fans when he went for 184 yards and four touchdowns in a zany 45-44 win in 2004.

With TCU now joining, Villanova has the inside track if the Big East wants to move to 10 teams. But if they waffle again, UCF or Houston will jump at the opportunity to join a now solidified Big East.

Great, great day for the conference, and I know is that there is a V5er in Fort Worth doing cartwheels at his place of business today.

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