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This Week in the Big East Apocalypse


Welcome back to our weekly look at the Big East's worst-case BCS scenario. Last time we left you, Syracuse won the head to head tiebreakers over USF and West Virginia, and therefore became the Big East sacrificial lamb to Nebraska or whomever the Big XII is sending out to the Fiesta Bowl. This week's attempt sends the Big East to DERPCOM 1, and when I ran this by Voodoo he said the Big East should drop football if this actually works out.

First off, let's look at the up-to-date Big East standings:


Seems pretty much cut and dried for Pitt to win the Big East, right? Well, it's not when you have this guy running your team. I think I just heard Anson at Cardiac Hill just light himself on fire. (Hope it turns out OK.) After the jump, we will show you what happens for the rest of the season in the weekly worst-case scenario, and tell you who will "win" the Big East.

First up is Connecticut. Even though Schottenedsall outcoached Coach Stewart a week ago Friday (is outcoached the right word?), UConn still is the sacrificial lamb in this edition.

  • vs. Pitt Loss
  • @ Syracuse Loss
  • vs. Cincinnati Loss
  • @ USF Loss

Next up is our favorite team from New Jersey, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. Before we get into the rest of their schedule, I think I'm allowed to throw this up again:


Nope, that will never get old. All right, here is how it shapes out for Rutgers:

  • vs. Syracuse Win
  • @ Cincinnati Win
  • vs. Louisville Loss
  • @ West Virginia Win

Here are the Steve Kragthorpe Butch Jones-led Cincinnati Bearcats' results:

  • @ West Virginia Win
  • vs. Rutgers Loss
  • @ UConn Win
  • vs. Pitt Win

Coach StewFace and the 'Eers:

  • vs. Cincinnati Loss
  • @ Louisville Win
  • @ Pitt Win
  • vs. Rutgers Loss


  • @ Louisville Loss
  • vs. Pitt Win
  • @ Miami Loss
  • vs. UConn Win


  • vs. USF Win
  • vs. West Virginia Loss
  • @ Rutgers Win


  • @ Rutgers Loss
  • vs. UConn W
  • vs. Boston College Loss

And here is how Pitt screws it all up:

  • @ UConn W
  • @ USF L
  • vs. West Virginia L
  • @ Cincinnati L

Got all that? Now let's check out the final standings:

  1. Louisville          7-5   (4-3)
  2. USF                 7-5   (4-3)
  3. Syracuse         7-5   (4-3)
  4. Rutgers            7-5   (4-3)
  5. Cincinnati         6-6   (4-3)
  6. Pittsburgh         6-6   (4-3)
  7. West Virginia    7-5   (3-4)
  8. Connecticut      4-8   (1-6)

So congrats to Louisville, who wins the Big East due to head-to-head wins over USF, Rutgers, and Syracuse. USF, Rutgers, and Syracuse are all 1-1 against each other and finish tied for 2nd. Pitt and West Virginia are hating life at 6 and 7, and UConn is the only team who doesn't end up in a bowl.