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Coming Soon To a Blog Near You: USF Basketball Theater 3000

We'll send them cheesy ballgames... the worst we can find. LA-LA-LA! (via <a href=""></a>)
We'll send them cheesy ballgames... the worst we can find. LA-LA-LA! (via

This is an idea we threw around during football season, probably sometime in early October when we were fully expecting the team to go in the tank. Pick a nationally televised USF game, the three of us call into the phone line we use to record our podcasts, and we do live running commentary and give you all the link to listen in.

Toro convinced us that this bit would work best in games where the Bulls have very little chance of winning, because much like with Joel or Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo and terrible movies, letting you hear us whine and suffer would be much more fun for you than a game where USF cruises to victory and we get full of ourselves. Well, the basketball team is going to lose a lot of Big East games, many of them painfully. So the time has come to get this going.

There are three episodes of USF Basketball Theater 3000 tentatively scheduled for this season. They are:

  • Thursday, January 6, 7:00pm Eastern time - USF vs. Villanova
  • Thursday, January 27, 9:00pm Eastern time - USF vs. DePaul (round 1 of the "Fight for 15th")
  • Wednesday, March 2, 9:00pm Eastern time - USF vs. Pittsburgh

All three games are on ESPNU, and each GameThread will give you a link where you can listen to our pain and agony. There may also be a surprise in store for another game this season, for those of you who read my Twitter feed extremely carefully.