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The Last Polka: USF vs. Clemson Meineke Car Care Bowl GameThread (12:00pm EST)

Why can't we have more games why why why!!! Sorry, my shit gets all emotional like this at the end of the season when I have to contemplate eight solid months of basketball posts and pure time-wasting. I'll be OK.

Anyway, it's time for the game we've been haphazardly preparing for since early December. Go Bulls!

(Not-so-fun fact: USF's only two bowl losses both came on New Year's Eve.)

Sha la ly, sha la ly lo ly
The end is growing near
And we're treading water now
And holding back our tears
And the day is rising
We're sinking sha la la la la la

Last Polka BEN FOLDS FIVE (via looper12xx)